Offer to join Boston Startup

predmkt381predmkt381 subscriber Posts: 1
Hi all...just wanted to write concerning an opportunity to join a Boston-based predictive market startup. For the past year, I`ve been working on, a prediction market startup designed to enhance social networking by establishing prediction markets for everyday events. I have to take a job outside of Boston however, and wanted to offer the opportunity for someone to take my place. Investment in the site has been small so far, but I can see a lot of potential for it down the road...I figured it would be a good opportunity for someone who wants a startup experience on the side while working another job. My partner is a Harvard graduate computer science student, so no technical background is necessary; I`d be happy to introduce those interested to him and other industry contacts we`ve made.
If anyone is interested, or knows someone that might be interested, just let me know; my email is [email protected]. I can relate more specific details about the site once interest is expressed.
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