Things New Startup Business Want in Their Websites

Ryan88Ryan88 subscriber Posts: 1
What are some features in a website, that you, as a startup business, would like to see in your website that you have had created?


  • nova johnsonnova johnson subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
    edited May 2022

    Some of the most important things that many people want to see on the website are...

    1. Responsive design
    2. Helpful navigation
    3. High-quality content
    4. Clear calls-to-action
    5. Contact information
    6. Quick loading speed

  • asciisystemasciisystem subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Things that your startup website must have

    1. Present your value proposition clearly and concisely

    2. Have a clear call to action

    3. Show a good web design and a nice user experience

    4. Contact information

    5. Clear and well-written texts

    An online presence is crucial for any business. And a website can help your business to show the wondrous benefits.

    If you have a start business or small business and want your business to be sustainable then you need a website for your growth. And also it seems your brand identity. You can also run a google paid advertising by the website.

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