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Thoughts and opinions on my new startup

acruxadsacruxads subscriber Posts: 2
I have a new startup ready to launch called AcruxAds. We are a self-service advertising company. I`m hoping to get thoughtful insights on our business idea and service. My website is http://www.acruxads.com
Here`s a list of items I`m looking for help on.Looking for critiques on website designLooking for critiques on website presentationThoughts on Business IdeaIdeas where I can market my service?
Also I`m curious what the SUN community thinks on; How many potential customers could use our service? I think our customers will be websites that target a local audience that can sell ad space to local businesses.
I know we have a few competitors out there but from being a local business owner I think we offer a good value to customers. Let me know your thoughts and they are much appreciated!


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    acruxadsacruxads subscriber Posts: 2
    Okay to get things started:I am trying to improve graphics - specifically demonstration page.Also want to add a graphic on the apply page that states it`s free to apply with no obligations.
    Also, once a few customers are signed up and operating I would like to put a link that directs potential customers to see a few existing customers service and see how it works from a first-hand perspective.
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    acruxadsacruxads subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply.
    I agree our site needs to be more clear. My intentions are not to compete with Openx, adbrite, etc. They offer a great program and it would be really hard to compete.
    An example of who I plan on targeting would be a local promotions company. Someone that offers information about local entertainment, restaurants, bars, etc. That way someone that owns a bar in the area could easily go on to their site and place an ad. After stating that does that at all change your perspective of our service? Also, I made this site a year ago to test out our original ad creator, you can see how our service works with the site www.miosta.com
    I do like your suggestion on allowing site owners to approve ads. I`m trying to get a few customers then I`ll probably begin programming that feature.
    I appreciate your suggestions and will start working on making the site more clear for our visitors.
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    acruxadsacruxads subscriber Posts: 2
    Okay we changed the front page to Text and got rid of a lot of images. We are still working on the Demo page and a few others. If you go back to it could you let me know if our homepage is more clear about our service this time?
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    razvanrazvan subscriber Posts: 1
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