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Finding a Smart Pricing Model

NovashunNovashun subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2009 in Sales
I have a handful of websites that are Directories for different businesses that provide a service. Im having a problem right now coming up with a decent pricing model for my launch.
1. I want pricing to be reasonably cheap. This project at best cost 480-500.00 to complete.  
2. It could be month to month - But I prefer 9 months with 3 free months for all new members.
3. The directory itself is made up of 262 cities in the US. If people do sign up, Im sure they will want leads right away. If I cant deliver, since its new... I think they will leave, especially if they only paid for 1 month.
4. I have space for 2620 businesses. I would prefer to only have one page of results which could be enticing to businesses... Every business is on the first page. And the results when you search all rotate places1,2,3,4 etc.
5. My advertising is targeting a very large number of consumers.. But not service providers. The number of service providers is relevantly less at 320,000 while consumers is around 73 Million.
My dillemma is: If I set up payments for month to month, chances are people will leave if they only try 1 month. If I give too much away for free, (3-6 months listing free with paid 6 or 9 up front), my little revenue wont be much to cover advertising. Well maybe..
Whats the best way to set this up? Surely someone has done a membership before. Or maybe I need to really come out of my pocket more with advertising up front. The bad thing is, if Im targetting consumers.. And then they do show at the site, there could be no providers.. So I lose.. If there are providers and no consumers.. I lose too.
Finding the balance in advertising and finding providers is challenging.
Any ideas?
Novashun7/23/2009 1:05 AM
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