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Home Business Insurance and License

RyanGromfinRyanGromfin subscriber Posts: 4
edited September 2011 in Business Planning
I am looking to open a restaurant in a year or so.  I am currently a private chef.  I operate out of my house and do not have a business license, insurance, any of that stuff, (shoot me), Henry Ford had a lot less to deal with when he started.  I am looking to sell some products related to my resturant at a local Farmers Market.  They will not be perishavble, or require cooking on site.  Spices, Beef Jerky, Gourmet Food Mixes, things of that sort.  For the Farmers Market I need Insurance, Resale certificate, business liscence etc... I know it is illegal to cook food in my house and sell it to the public.  I am willing to take that risk.  My question is, risk aside, will I be able to get all of the above at my home address, I think I will tell the insurance I am a distributor of gourmet food, not a manufacturer.  RyanGromfin2007-10-8 22:57:25


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