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Any good Startup stories?

StrategicStrategic subscriber Posts: 2
I think there are two different general approaches to a start up company


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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    The reward for successful Dive-Ins can be serious GAP
    and an opportunity to grow the business stronger and diversify within
    your market.I`ll ask the stupid question. What`s GAP?
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    StrategicStrategic subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey Steve,
    good question, Gross Annual Profit
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    DeadEye96DeadEye96 subscriber Posts: 0
    This is the very question I am faced with right now - wade or dive.  Having spent over 20 years in the industrial b2b chemical & wholesale supply business in Detroit, I am now entering a completely different national market with b2b and a direct retail approach (no, I`m not trying to play both sides of the fence - different segments).  I believe in the market, my product, the demographics, the approach and that dynamic growth is probable, not just possible.  It`s just that I am tethered to my experience of cost control and helping my sales force claw for every industrial sale.   I am reluctant to believe that, no matter how different, this business could very well be the same.  Can anyone offer some "self help questions" on this?
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