Sales Tax on Internet Purchases

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Washington State has just passed a bill that will require all catalog and internet businesses to pay sales tax on sales to it`s residents. The news story that I watched said that it would be joining other states that already collect taxes? The story did not say which states those are (21 of them) or how a business should address this issue? Does anyone know?
Is there a place to get a national list of state taxes? It almost seems easier to just not sell to these states.</A>


  • smurph05smurph05 subscriber Posts: 2
    My biggest question is how would they track internet sales made to their residents? If I sell you a widget, I keep the records on my computer and report them to my state gov. There is no way for the state of Washington to find out that I sold the widget to you. From what I understand, there is rumor of a bill introduced to congress a couple of years ago I think, that would have made collecting internet sales tax a national program. I do not know if this bill is still alive of if it has been defeated, your congressperson should know. 
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    The state of texas requires online stores to collect taxes from texas residents. Every 4 months one has to file taxes. If you don`t file, they assign an arbitrary amount for you to pay.
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