LLC Question

rvdebbyrvdebby subscriber Posts: 11
Took a couple classes and think that LLC is a good way to protect yourself. Cost seems quite reasonable.
I plan to start doing business in Virginia, that is where I have the most viable prospects for business. I don`t plan to stay here. Tax base is very high and the commonwealth has the most rules and regs that I have ran into. Do I have to register in the state that I am working in? Would it be to my advantage to licence in an easier state, for instance Montana, where I could register my vehicles without the emcumberance of the property taxes that are levied on them here?
Spoke with a friend that has a biz in this state he advised me that I should be able to get a peddler`s licence for the face to face commerce that I plan to do. Very inexpensive compared to storefront.rvdebby2006-11-4 22:15:52


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