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Building your own website



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    SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3

    First good luck with your new adventure. I am also open
    for a little bit over a year. Accept I did not know about

    support groups or SuN. Unfortunately I went ahead and
    signed up for a "package" which include Business Classes, one year free service, web hosting company
    and a merchant account. Which include`s your own credit
    card terminal. (never touched the credit card terminal,
    accept to clean the dust off).  Sounded great! I fell for
    it now I am stuck with a non-cancelable lease paying
    140.00 each month for a period of 48 months. Living
    on Social Security Disability and not making any sales
    as promised. The stress that I was put under almost
    decided this is not for me. Almost threw the towel in a
    couple of times. I advise against that route! What I do
    suggest is to sign up with Google support groups.
    Google even offers a free shopping cart and all the
    tools to built a web site free! Reason they are promoting there express shopping cart services. Also
    they have every kind of group you can image for support. I wish I knew that a year ago!
    Godaddy, advertises the lowest prices, what they don`t
    tell you that is you have too sign up for a year, and there
    package deal is pretty expensive when you are signing
    up for two years. Great support Godaddy has, 24/7 and it is true I called many a time at 4:30A.M..
    Take your time do some research and see what suits your budget. I also
    recommend Pay Pal. The competition which is going on with the search
    engines, I fell that is your best bet. If you get stuck putting a web
    site together and want free support from web hosting companies sign up
    for SitePointForum. Excellent
    feedback for  your web site.

    SecondHandRose2006-11-14 12:22:39
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    BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    My feedback to you is the following: think of website as your storefront.Now, imagine people walking through that door every day to buy your product, just think about the impact on your customer of the colors you chose for your store front, the decoration and the design of the shelves where they pick up the pruducts from. So, if you have the skills of a building contractor, the skills of a painter, the skills of an archtect, the skills of a carpenter, and the skills of an electrician, you should go right ahead and build your own storefront.
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    BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree with GregL. The only thing I`d add is, your house is your house and whether or not people like your taste, it is still yours. No matter how much you put into that house, you are the one who has to live in it. I, for instance, am 6`9" tall, as I built my house I had to make sure things were custom made. Sinks had to be higher, bathtub had to be longer and doors had to be taller.
    As for the storefront, you are not building it for yourself, but for customers, they are the ones who have to have a good experience as they go inside.
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    BupulgaBupulga subscriber Posts: 1
    CraigL - Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.
    Good luck.
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    Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    Some high school kids can design very nice websites.  They work for little money.Another approach is to modify a webpage that you like via its source code, provided you know HTML basics, and source code is modifiable - some clever web designers have ways to hide their code.HTML is not that hard, just a lot of details, which one will forget quickly if one doesn`t use it frequently.  But if one plans to update the pages oneself then learning HTML can save some serious money.
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    Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    If everyone here doesn`t already know, there is a free software at www.nvu.com that is just as good as frontpage (minus the $100 you have to spend). 
    Just in case you guys want to lower your overhead!
     OK friends, 3:39PM 11/19/2006 is the time I start to learn NVU to create a website for myself.  I post this in appreciation of the link provided and to see how long it takes to create a "decent" website.  Previously I hired a "professional" web designer who created the most horrible website I`ve seen.  I asked him for so many modifications it was like I did the design. So no more of his service.
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    rvdebbyrvdebby subscriber Posts: 11
    I am moving and will be a coast away from my customers. Because they know me I will use a photo for branding.. need to get a good logo.In the beginning the website will Be my location. My company will be business to business so a storefront is not needed.
    That being said--I believe I will need to invest all funding to the website. My ideal model is Office Max or Office Depot.. Need to find a company that can help me put this together. Before I spend the money I want to know that the company I select is a good one. Right now I am looking for a BBB and Verisign on their websites. Other thoughts?
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    haddinstevehaddinsteve subscriber Posts: 0
    These are the best way for site build your site like:: Forum posting , Directory Submission , Press release , Classified Submission , Blog Commenting ......
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    MarvelioMarvelio subscriber Posts: 0
    I've taken a lot away from the tips on this thread, thanks guys.
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    littonbarneylittonbarney subscriber Posts: 0
    Build a effective and impressive website is easy task because most of the site gives a good opportunity to built your own website with free of cost.
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    alexclark512alexclark512 subscriber Posts: 0
    Nice sharing guys keep it up good job thanks for sharing
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