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Useful website critiques

vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
edited June 2008 in Website Critique
I think one purpose of SUN (and the web review section) is to help people by providing constructive reviews of their site. (I`m not a spokesperson for SUN)
People posts their sites for critique having gotten to that point in a number of ways. Among those are some who: create their own site, hire someone to create the site, have modified their website, or just want to promote their site.
There are many many resources for people to get a website online... and it can be a challenging decision. Who to use, shall I do it myself, how do I start.... and after the site is up - does it work, how do I get more traffic, why are there not more sales?
No matter what the decisions the person made to get the site created, when the website is posted for review...those decisions are in the past.
I think it is important that reviews are posted by any person. Reviews are not reserved for people who may have (or think they have) technical knowledge, it may be more important to get reviews from internet users who may use the site / and may or may not be the site`s target market. The technical (html, SEO, etc) points certainly should be noted.
I also think it is important to offer suggestions and/or modifications if possible. The site owner (1) may or may not recognize problems and (2) may or may not know how to "fix" them.
Lastly, reviewers need to recognize that the site owners may or may not take their suggestions... and be "ok" with that.
vwebworld6/10/2008 8:39 AM


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    eventbrandereventbrander subscriber Posts: 6
    Building a website comes down to trial and error. Even for the best of them.
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    infiltainfilta subscriber Posts: 8
    I think the entire purpose of having a Web site is so that people can
    see whatever it is you`re trying to get across. If the only people who
    ever could access a site were site developers and designers, I`m
    thinking the Web would have a whole lot fewer people.
    I agree, BUT if someone is making a web site for a business and is serious about the business then there SHOULD be a certain level of quality, security, aesthetics and other components. You can`t apply same standards to an e-commerce site and a web page about your dog Buddy. Amature web site relays an impression of an amature business.
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Personally, I would say that just about every visitor that a site has is a potential customer; their input is invaluable as to why they will, or won`t, pursue doing business with the site.
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    infiltainfilta subscriber Posts: 8
    Personally, I would say that just about every visitor that a site has is a potential customer; their input is invaluable as to why they will, or won`t, pursue doing business with the site.
    This is a good point. yes.
    At the other hand, it`s somewhat like asking customers about how to make a wheel: "What shape should it be? Oh, square -- thank you for your input, we think you`re right". I mean, there are some things about web design that there`s no need to invent or seek opinion of a bunch of people. And a typical somewhat experienced web designer would know them. And a lot of mistakes and consequently suggestions that are discussed here are quite redundant, like adding page titles, meta tags, product images etc. It`s like knowing axiomas in math - if you know them then you`re good, you can go on; if not then you`ll get all D`s and F`s no matter what, and a few of the sites discussed here are precisely grade "D" and "F".infilta6/14/2008 9:20 PM
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