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Why shoppers abandon their shopping cart online sales

vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
A survey released by PayPal shows the top reasons why people abandon their shopping carts. There are not many surprises, just another reminder to ecommerce on how people deal with on line shopping. complete articleBreakdown on Why Shoppers Abandon
At least a fifth of all U.S. survey respondents cited the following as very important reasons for cart abandonment:

High shipping charges: 46 percent

Wanted to comparison shop: 37 percent

Lack of money: 36 percent

Wanted to look for a coupon: 27 percent

Wanted to shop offline: 26 percent

Couldn`t find preferred pay option: 24 percent

Item was unavailable at checkout: 23 percent

Couldn`t find customer support: 22 percent

Concerned about security of credit card data: 21 percent

For some thoughts on how to get people to buy from you online and three factors that help make a sale read How do I get people to buy from me?


  • JasonDrohnJasonDrohn subscriber Posts: 0
    I think another (which paypal doesn`t really talk about) is the necessary step until completion.  I know I was using 2checkout and Paypal and didn`t see real results until I went with a merchant solution.
    Jason Drohn
  • MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
    High shipping is probably #1 for me. I don`t comparison shop. Lack of money is sometimes the case, though only if high shipping is also true. I don`t bother with coupons. Sometimes wanting to shop offline is true for me, if there`s no expedited shipping and I want the product now. I pay with visa and paypal, so if I can`t find the preferred pay option, the place won`t be in business very long - they probably barter in sheeps and cows. Item unavailable happens once in a while. I don`t care much about customer support. I`m never worried about security.
  • rkensparcrkensparc subscriber Posts: 2
    I`ll throw out my reasons I abandon carts on-line -
    1- You have to add the item to the cart to see the price (I hate this).  Usually I`m checking prices so after it`s in the cart I get the price and leave the site.
    2-The cart is a pain.  I can`t see or edit what`s in it, I can`t find the checkout button etc.
    3-Shipping - I really hate vendors who offer something at a very low price, and then try to make up the difference on shipping.  I`m sure they get sales from people not paying attention, but how much return biz do they get?
  • MandyJaneMandyJane subscriber Posts: 5
    This is an interesting report and it doesn't surprise that many consumers use online sites to compare prices. It does highlight that companies should ensure that whether your selling computers, laptops or any product for that matter, website usability should be top of the agenda.

  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    My shopping cart system is very simple and the rate of abandonment is very low, but my products on that web site have very low demand - wrong business or bad promotion.

    But that confirms webworld's points: KISS.

  • BrianJames01BrianJames01 subscriber Posts: 1
    Is there a problem with Paypal guys?
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