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vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
With a FireFox add-on you can now publish a blog post directly from your web browser.

Scribefire  add-on is a blog editor that runs directly from your FireFox browser. If you have one or many blogs, you can set each up and publish them right from the browser.
Ok... now this is getting too easy .
So go get scribefire and blog blog blog!
vwebworld12/25/2008 9:38 PM


  • ninkugumininkugumi subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m also using scribe fire. It`s the best blog writer for me.
    I had used windows live writer and raven before this, but scribe fire is simply just the best. You can simply drag an image you want to put in your blog, and the preview function is the most accurate compared to previous blog writers I had used.
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