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Don`t miss out on online sales

vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
I was surprised to learn that only 53.9 percent of U.S. small businesses have a web site (source).
Also, these results from a different survey (source):

23 per cent of websites had not been updated since their launch, making much of their content inaccurate, if not obsolete. The average age of the website was four years.
a mere 8% of respondents had an e-commerce element to their sites.
25 per cent of companies had no way of tracking how many sales were made as a result of people visiting their websites.
over a third (38 per cent) had no budget at all for regular website updates.

It has been argued that not every business needs a web presence. But with the growth of on line sales, it is a market that may be tapped by your competitor if you do not have a web site.
Some advice (source):

Not Selling Goods Through Your Site? If you are selling goods, it`s time to offer them through your website. Not just through your brick and mortar store. Not only will this increase convenience for your customers (they love convenience by the way), it will expand your customer base across the world. Not Tracking On line Sales?
Don`t you want to know where your sales are coming from? Knowing this will only help you better target your customers in the marketing process.Not Updating Your Site?
Do not leave out of date content on your site for potential customers to find. I promise you that they will not buy from you if you are still promoting some dated content that isn`t even relevant anymore. It`s just unprofessional, and nobody wants to take a chance buying from someone they`ve never heard of if they can`t even present themselves in a professional manner. No Budget for Site Updates?
If you don`t have a budget for keeping a website updated, it`s time to reorganize your budget. If you can`t afford to hire your own designer, work with whoever designed your site and learn how to update it yourself. And make sure you have someone available to assist in case your site experiences technical difficulties.


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    baxtertea2075baxtertea2075 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for posting this information!  I have an online store and really love the stats I get daily.  It has really helped me to make the most of my precious marketing dollars.  I tried Shopzilla for a few months and although I got a few hits, none turned into sales.  I was having better luck with the different coupon sites I work with monthly that are free to join.  I agree that it is important to update often.  I try to change my featured product monthly and try to keep the site looking fresh!
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