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RussRobRussRob Posts: 2subscriber
Hi, everyone


I’m planning on developing website, and I purchase Adobe Dreamweaver 8 to help me. However, I’m finding it difficult to get the website develop. I was looking at to get a few ideas on how I wanted my website to look. I was wondering if anyone has every purchase a template from this website and if so how does it work?     





  • cubemonkeycubemonkey Posts: 11subscriber
    Hello Russ, there are countless free website templates out there, all on an equal or better caliber to what Templatemonster is offering. Just do a Google search for them.
    As to how it will work, they will probably send you one page, the css that handles the layout, and all the images from their preview shot. You will have to then turn that into a whole website. Hope you know coding!
  • vwebworldvwebworld Posts: 40subscriber
    I have purchased templates and modified them. There is a disclosure of what you get with the template. What files, CSS, Flash, PHP, etc... it will be different depending upon what you purchase. For example you can get a static website or an ecommerce website or a Flash or Swish based website template.
    You will get a email link to download the files.
    vwebworld1/7/2009 3:42 PM
  • RussRobRussRob Posts: 2subscriber
    Thanks for the suggestions. However I downloaded some free templates but I was unable to use them in dreamweaver because they were ZIP files.....I Guess.  Is there anyway to get around this problem? or is there a certain folder that I should be opening up to access the templates in Dreamweaver?
  • vwebworldvwebworld Posts: 40subscriber
    Getting a zip file is common. Just unzip it and you`ll have the original files you can use.

    Unzip program - if you need one.
  • RussRobRussRob Posts: 2subscriber
    Thanks, Roland I really appreciate that.
  • cubemonkeycubemonkey Posts: 11subscriber
    No offense Russ, but if you really didn`t know how to handle the zip file you need to look into a professional doing this for you. I`m a firm believer in learning to do this on your own but your learning curve might hinder your business. There are plenty of people on this board willing to help you if you need it.
  • WenfyWenfy Posts: 0subscriber
    Well,I`m not aware of TemplatesMonster`s templates as I didn`t deal with them. But recently I have purchased an HTML layout for my real estate agency  website from, and I can say that these guys are really tough. Besides their high-qualitative templates they provide really helpful support so that`s why I didn`t have any problems with templates installation in Dreamweaver, customization and what not.I received timely and factful responses to any question. So maybe you should try their service as well.
    Good luck! 
      Wenfy1/8/2009 9:16 AM
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