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Taking Credit Cards

AZworkingmomAZworkingmom subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Sales
I currently use paypal but have not been able to use the portion of their company that allows credit cards.  There is some issue between them and the shopping cart company I use. 
My webdesigner suggested I try www.2checkout.com</A> but they have issues with lingerie and because that is what I sell they charge 2.5% per sale more then if I wasn`t and they want 6% set aside in reserves.
So what I am looking for is a company that handles the credit card sales and has a good reputation.
Any suggestions? 


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I would suggest checking out http://www.authorize.net/. As with everything concerning your business... do your own research.I would be interested in hearing others. You can also look into http://www.truthinprocessing.com/.
  • onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    AZ,First of all, 2checkout is paypal in disguise. Why go from one headache to another? I wasn`t aware of that until I did my own research and to my surprise.. As for Authorize.net its a good company who is currently in talks with Paypal. From what I been hearing they are going to sell the company to paypal which again leaves you in the dark. My advise would be to go with linkpoint, Linkpoint API`s are compatible with just about any Shopping Cart that is out there. Some of the things you have to be aware of with Credit Card processors are:

    What is their rate for online purchases
    Do they offer you a virtual terminal so you can take orders over the telephone?
    Do they provide you with a Credit Card Machine?
    Does your current web site support the payment gateway.
    Once you know have established these 4 things, then you can start shopping for an online Credit Card Processing Solution. If you wish, I can set you up with Linkpoint at no cost to you. Some Company`s charge you for set up. I can waive that fee for you and you can be up and running in no time. The way a credit card processing company works is they have two types of businesses. They have Qualifying merchants and a Non-Qualifying Merchants. If you are a sole proprietor and work out of your home, you are non-qualifying and your rate can start at 2.3% and if you are a qualifying business you have sales, and have a storefront, you can get it as low as 1.63 or less. And you have the ability to take payments over the phone, fax, E-commerce, and Terminal. This would be a great advantage to you if your sales have been ramping up. Forget about Paypal, and all these other companys. I am a Linkpoint User and I am happy with their services. I have been for the past two years.
  • AZworkingmomAZworkingmom subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your response, I will look into everyones suggestions tonight.  It is one turn after another but with enough drive and the help from the people on this site, I believe in time everything will turn out great.  Actually let me go one step further... I know everything will turn out great.
  • AZworkingmomAZworkingmom subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes the site is in need of help on the pictures, I will not be using the web designer I have been using to fix the problem though.  I will venture elsewhere to get them crystal clear.
    Thank you for your comments and suggestions...
  • AZworkingmomAZworkingmom subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you I will look into that one and the others suggested.
  • lavenderwindlavenderwind subscriber Posts: 0
    I use King Cart Services and ECHO-inc to process my payments.  Through King Cart I can allow customers to choose whether to use my credit card processor (ECHO) or PayPal.  It`s really easy and so far has worked very well for my company.
  • thomasmpsthomasmps subscriber Posts: 0
    Rate is variable item in the equation,but just because you have a low rate does not equate to saving money if you are not properly set up.You must understand whoare your customers and what type of cards they use (ie) Corp,Purchasing,Govt,Consumer etc.from there you can start to discuss rates.Most reps in processing industry are uneducated on their own product,as it shows in most of the statements i see,example last statement i reviewed a florist shop and saved the company $750 a month because they were not set up properly and the owner said she just a rate review by her rep and got it lowered.Yes she sure did for consumer cards but most of her business came from Corporate cards which have a different rate which by the way her rep did not know.Anyways if you have a question i would be more than happy to answer and help any forum member navigate my industry,because I make it my business to help my clients get the best solution and save money in the process.
  • SisiSisi subscriber Posts: 0
    I have used Authorize.net through Truthinprocessing.com without any problems.  It was easy to set up with my Yahoo! store and the customer service was great. 
    I heard that Google has a merchant account cart.  You might want to research it.  Google doesn`t integrate at all with Yahoo! store.
    Hope this helps
    Marie-Elsie Ade
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