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How do I engage seo works to be done for my site?

smith8smith8 subscriber Posts: 5
edited November 2012 in Business Planning

Hello everyone, I have recently launched my site and would
be requiring SEO works to be done. I am not sure which online company to
consider as this is my first time that I am getting a site running. I would
prefer to have some choices left with me so that I can choose the best among
them. So, can you tell me as to what options I should consider to get my work
done for less money?


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    dduttonddutton subscriber Posts: 1
    Be very careful - most promise the world and deliver - zero.  I would look for references of where they can prove traffic to a start up.  What I have been told is that your site needs history before the search engines will see it. 
    I have also been told that you can`t do a big blitz of seo, link building etc. all at once - if you do the search engines see that as not real, just marketing.  Link building is supposed to be natural relationships for you and your products to other related parties.
    Also, much of this you can do yourself, the blogging, the affiliates, linking etc.  SEO can cost from $1500 to $15,000 per month with pay per click etc. so you want to be cautious with money -
    Best of luck!
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    brainkingkingbrainkingking subscriber Posts: 2

    I think that you should
    consider working on a freelance site. The best place to place your website for
    better considerations would be a place that has http://www.youhaveaproject.com  like this one. You can place a project on the site and you
    will get bids on the projects from the people who are interested in optimizing
    your site as per your requirements and the suggested fee.


    brainkingking11/12/2008 8:35 AM
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    wisestartupblogwisestartupblog subscriber Posts: 0
    SEO is really an ongoing effort, you might want to consider hiring an in-house marketing personnel who is trained in SEO, and in the future they can help you manage your PPC, and related advertising campaigns.
    For our company, SEO has been the main driver of all traffic -- we receive more than 20,000 new visitors everyday from Google, and our high ranking for "listen to music," which was an effort of in-house and link building with a trusted consultant.wisestartupblog12/22/2008 3:28 PM
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    axerayaxeray subscriber Posts: 0
    SEO is a long term approach. Don`t expect things to happen overnight.
    If you need an SEO, check out oDesk. There are hundreds on there who will answer any add you put up. All work is done through oDesk. They have software which takes screen shots of your SEO and you only pay for the hours they work. It`s a pretty good system. I use it whenever I need work done I can`t do myself.
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    ElvinJamesElvinJames subscriber Posts: 0

    I have been into internet
    marketing of my services and products and have used affiliate programs
    as a good choice. Then there are other ways like giving away something,
    joining a social network, if you have a website based good content you
    can employ SEO works. But, I recently found an interesting deal at
    adntube . Here you have a platform for marketers and videographers and
    the marketers can place a proposal for having their products or
    services, website ads into the videos made by the videographers and
    then there is a good marketing strategy under way as the videos are
    uploaded on many sites were many people see them and thus the promotion
    of their products, services or website is done on a grand basis.
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    VictorWilliamsVictorWilliams subscriber Posts: 0
    SEO work is not so easy as it is treated by people. It is the process which can build your website or can degrade your web site in front of other websites present in this world. Therefore this process must be carried by an expert so that it can be carried out easily and in appropriate manner.
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