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Need some information on freelance jobs!

smith8smith8 subscriber Posts: 5
edited November 2008 in Business Planning

Hi everyone, I have done training on web designing and have
some skills in graphic design too. I had been thinking of joining a company but
then I heard my colleagues talking about freelance jobs. I am not sure about
this; they say it is good option. I had taken some information from them, but
would like to know more about this.
Thanks in advance for any useful information.


  • brainkingkingbrainkingking subscriber Posts: 2

    This is now a popular
    thing these days, if you are skilled and can work independently, then working
    as a freelancer is a good option. In this way, you communicate with the other
    person who is in need of your skills to get their work done. You get to bid (quote
    your price) for the job and when the terms are decided you complete the project
    accordingly. You have to be very professional and should be willing to work as
    the project demands. But in all, I can say that it is worth consideration and
    there are many sites that offer you potential freelance
    , like one I am currently using is  youhaveaproject.com.

    Best Regards.

    brainkingking11/10/2008 7:40 AM
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    this is a very hot area...as outsourcing is becoming easier, more common and properly understood, more businesses are looking to outsource work to freelancers. i have started and own several businesses (both online and off line) and have leveraged freelancers to the max. in all my businesses i have a combined 1 employee. everything else is sourced out.  some very good avenues to advertise your skill and availability are the following:
    -craigslist.com (you will have to renew your post every now and then as this is a classifieds)
    the key is to build credibility and with that will come a good clientele. you will start getting word of mouth referrals. i do a lot of website SEO and internet marketing for online business owners and that is not even my forte. i dont have a website advertising my skills, in fact i dont even consider myself a guru. i have simply learned and applied strategies to my own businesses which have yielded great results. people come to know about it and virally refer you around. freelancing is no different. just know that initially it might be a bit of a struggle as the field is competitive. there are many others working from home as freelancers. certainty and continuity of income is also a factor to consider.
    good luck to you and let us know your progress
  • ryanrodnailryanrodnail subscriber Posts: 0
    It is the only way to start your business without investment. Yes, It is tough to sell your service to some one nut if you serve good you will get good business. In freelancing their is lot of competition. According to me this is best platform to work at home.
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