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Hi  I am looking for advice to expand my business.   Is their a way to expand like a franchise without the expense and legal structure.


  • robertjrobertj Tampa Bay, Floridasubscriber Posts: 0 Member
    If you mean geographic expansion, there are several ways to proceed. Each approach has "plusses" and "minuses".
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    There are other methods for expansion short of franchising.   Licensing agreements and distributor agreements are two of them.  As Robert alluded, they have their plusses and minuses.   Most companies seriously considering franchising aren`t aware of the signficant expenses involved in franchising and that is why you take a close look at that before taking the plunge.  
  • GlasStarGlasStar subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your response, can you tell me were I can find info on other methods.
  • sagetroutsagetrout subscriber Posts: 1
    There is no specific location where I can send you outside of a Google search for general information.   I recommend you contact Robert above and see if he can help you.   What you`re seeking to know involves legal and other issues and at some point you`re going to have to seek experienced professional help. 
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