informational voicemail service?

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Does anyone know of a cheap message service that I can just put an informational message on it only?  I just want people to call a certain number and here my informational message that directs them to a web page or just gives them more info about my service without me having to field sales calls or not pressuring people into anything.  Basically a voicemail service but without the leaving the message part.


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    I use gotvmail and it has a great system.  You could easily disable the ability for the user to leave a question - but you can set up a FAQ line where users can use their keypad to select certain questions.  Then they can listen to the prerecorded answer. 
    Depending on volume it can cost between $9.95 and $49/month.  I`m find using the $9.95 option right now.  You`d have a toll free number.  There`s a setup fee - but it`s waived (with a $25 credit) if you`re referred (you can use the link above to be referred).  I enjoy this service, and if you have a microphone on your computer you can manage it all from the computer, otherwise you can use the phone (or a combination of the two).
    I`m not sure how expensive Simple Voice Box is, but this is a great alternative.
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