Getting an EIN before filing llc papers?

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Although I am not planning on officially opening my online business until feb of 2009, I need to be able to plan now.  Some affilate partners that I want to sign up with need a taxpayer ID number.  I want to be able to use an EIN number but have not yet filed my LLC paperwork with the state yet.  I don`t want to do that until 2009 hits as I think that if I file that now then I will have to fill out business taxes for 2008 and I don`t want to have to do that until next year.  Unless I am wrong and it doesn`t matter when you submit the LLC paperwork and it goes by when you say the first day of business is, and if that`s the case then I woul just say that I started on Feb 1 2009.
Anyways, what I want to do is get an EIN number before I file my LLC paperwork so that I can at least sign up with some of the affilites to get the ball rolling.  I don`t want to use my SS number for obvious reasons.
Does anyone know if this is possible or am I flawed in my thinking?


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