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SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3
edited May 2006 in Thought Leadership

Hello Joel and StartupNewsletter Members,
Just when I thought that I was finally going to make sales with
Mother`s day being the second biggest holiday that I was told.
That`s when I fell into a really bad slump! I coundn`t understand
why no sales. Traffic was good, everyday each catergory was
getting traffic yet still no sales. That is when I did a reality check. I had my web site evaluated and all they said I need
more key words. Call it intuision or a gut feeling I sense there
is something wrong with this picture. I remember reading an
article that some companies that invest into your web site,
they really don`t want to see you making money. I will explain!
Oct. 05th, 2005 I have been paying (USA card services) 129.
00 dollars each month. Without having someone go over the
contract, I signed up. 48 month contract paying 129.00 each
month being on a fix income because I am disabled started to
take it`s toll on me. It was either making sales or losing my
web site and all the hard work that I put into it. Back in Dec. 12th, 2005 I purchased a 2 year SSL Turbo certificate for
my web site. I never had it installed. Reason my web hosting
company (that USA card services paid for a year) told me
my web site was secure. Now believing that my web site
was secure and having my web site evaluated professionally
(USA card services paid)  I never question the issue.
Until I read the 10 fastest reasons on how to lose customers.
The first reason is make sure that your web site is secure!
Immediately I called Go Daddy and explain to them what`s
been going on and if I could install the certificate back in Dec.
(they are one of the sweetest and honest companies I know)
first thing they said to me when they went over my web site,
do you know your web site is not secure? I broke down in
tears. All these months where I might of been making a profit
instead I was falling into dept. Oh did I became furious!
So I called my web hosting company and explained that I
want them to install my SSL Turbo certificate. I am still waiting
to have it installed which cost 50.00 dollars. All of a sudden
alight went off in my head and I asked myself why would
companies not want you to profit. The answer that came to
me was can you imagine all the people who are paying
129.00 a month to have their own business created for them,
with all the tools they need and if they can`t make their
payment good bye web site, good bye your online store! Oh
my can you imagine all the online businesses they must have?
For the newcomer if you ever get a phone call from a smooth
talker salesman and they mention Morgan Chase Bank would
like to invest 5.000 dollars so you can be your own boss,
please don`t sign any contracts! My question how can I get
out of this contract? Let`s end on a good note. I received an
e-mail and was told that I have the most wonderful web site.
That made it all worthwhile.   



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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Rose,After reading your article "It makes me furious" to know what you are going through. First of all, You said <quote>Back in Dec. 12th, 2005 I purchased a 2 year SSL Turbo certificate formy web site. I never had it installed. Reason my web hostingcompany (that USA card services paid for a year) told memy web site was secure.</quote> OK, first of all if your web hosting is paid for a year, why would they shut you down?You have full filled your web hosting obligation and it`s been paid in full for one year.(They can`t shut you down) regardless of their contract. Your web hosting company has to honor your payment. As for your SSL certificate, did you purchase it through your web hosting company, or Private company? If it is purchased through your web hosting company the installation should be free. Plus why did you purchase an SSL certificate? If the SSL was only going to be used to secure your transactions! a shared certificate is enough.
    It`s not like you need to secure the whole web site. Securing the whole web site is painful to people that don`t have bradband. another thing, didn`t you see the lock on your web browser? you can see the lock on your right bottom corner. next to the globe. Or, look at your addess bar it should read https:// before the www... that should have been your first Flag..
    Secondly, If you singed a 2 year contract.. The company you are doing business with needs to keep their end of the deal. You also mentioned that you were getting the hits on every page, so it`s not a keyword factor that you are facing. It`s the lack of functionality.
    I just visited your web site, You are secure I see the lockI navigated through your pages and I went through the check out (transaction part of the web site) to my surprise!!!!Even if customers wanted to purchase from you, the check out part is too long. and there is some syntax errors(coding errors) on your web site. there appears to be an ">" at the top of all your pages. and its missing information. It looks to simple and too plain. Every contract has a payout price (breach of contract) your best bet is to pay the Fee and move on... You are getting ripped off and for the type of business you run you need something more stable and functional. If you`d like send me a copy of your contract, and I can go over it and see where you can get out of it with out you having to pay anything.Another thing is you are only competing with one Keyword:"keywords" content="MEDIEVAL AND MYSTICAL SWORDS"That is it..... It has nothing to do with them not wanting you to make money, how can you make money when the web site is half way done?
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    SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3

    Hello Edgar Monroy,
    Thank you for your reply to my post. Yes I would love for you
    to cover over my contract. Please explain that my web site is
    half done. I have been working on it delingently. Why did I
    purchase a 2 year SSL Turbo Certificate? I did not like my
    web hosting company and I was going to try to build my own.
    The first flag, they did not get my domain right. So I had to
    purchase a domain name at Go Daddy that is when I purchase
    the Certificate also an e-mail account. I even bought a Web
    Site do it yourself package, and Go Daddy was going to be my
    host. That is when I found out if I change web hosting companies it was going to cost quite a bit. That I would lose
    most of my package from USA card services, plus I still had to pay my
    monthly fee. I could not afford that. I figured if I had to pay this
    fee for 48 months I might as well get my monies worth.
    The said thing is the so called package most of it I didn`t need, like
    a credit card terminal that I have not use yet. The rest of
    the package was going to a business school and getting an
    Business Certificate, which I accomplish. Also four companies are
    invovled, my e-commerce, web hosting, business school, and USA card
    services. Since then my business school change
    names. USA card services I can never get intouch with my
    so called business adviser. The person who called that I signed
    the contract with never returns my e-mails all warnings signs.
    Also they were suppose to pay for my advertising. I guess that is the
    one listing I am under. My web site I did all the work myself, text,
    images, descriptions, head title, also they had all my catergories
    listed under catalog. Through trial and error
    I listed all my catergories indivually. For Example: Homepage,
    History, Monthly Contest, Scented Candles, Garden Decor,
    no one taught me how to, or helped with, like I said through trial and error I did it myself. Found my own drop shipper.
    Now I understand I have to pay for marketing, and advertising,
    quite honestly I don`t know if I can afford it. This has been a
    dream of mine for five years now and five years all I did was
    lose money did not make a single dime. You would of thought that I should no better by now. Everything that I learned and
    the faults I made will be past on to the charity that I am going
    to donate money too Edgar, I would appreciate any help.
    I live in Florida, last hurricane season I was hit hard. Phone
    services were out for almost 2 months. Web hosting company
    had problems and was closed, yet USA card services froze my
    account because I didn`t make a payment. That is how USA card services work!

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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    First of all Rose, you have fallen into a get rich scheme.(not you though, the other party)I don`t understand.... Your web hosting company was down for months, or having problems? Then you don`t need to do business with them... Who is your web hosting provider? Ok, so the company you where dealing with, registered the wrong domain name? was there a  form you filled out? <-- this is your first allegation.. The web hosting was closed for two weeks? <--- Second allegation, if a web hosting company can not provide you with 99.99% uptime... move on... It is not expensive to move to another web hosting company. The only thing is, you have a shopping cart. and from what I see the web site code is coldfusion. which makes your web site transferable. Given that the web hosting company you choose can provide you coldfusion support. Remember when you do business with a company, there has to be collateral between both parties, you are paying they have to provide. If at any given time they do not live up to their agreement and the service they agreed upon or told you they where going to provide you with... They have breached their own contract.But honestly Rose, web hosting companies don`t care whether you make a buck on the internet or not. They are providing you with a service, and that is web hosting... As for your contract I would be more than happy to help you.
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