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using a company provided website or build your own

royalskincareroyalskincare subscriber Posts: 1

I work for a company that provides websites attached to their corporate domain. It is the kind that states the name of the company than has a / with my name following it. It is not interactive and cannot be manipulated. Should I create my own web site and only refer to the main one by linking it for purposes of buying products or use theirs?



  • royalskincareroyalskincare subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks. I just want to make sure I do not break P&P by using information that I am not allowed to use.
  • posylaneposylane subscriber Posts: 1
    Build your own site.  It will bring you control of your content and look, and much more credibility.  Of course you will need to budget time/money for content development and marketing.
    I used Web Easy 7 to develop my own website.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    this is a total no brainer..get your own domain for under $10 and get hosting for as low as 3.99. i believe host gator and go daddy both have these cheap options.  with your own domain you own it, you build goodwill, value and credibility over time.  think about it as cyber real estate. good domains are scarce. and when they get popular they command a lot of $$$.
    the other big benefti is that you will have full control of your website.  you dont want to go to your company for every little change you want to make in the code do you?  i would simply get my own without even considering anything else.  it`s just the best thing to do.
    good luck
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    A couple thoughts: If you outsource the design/build, ensure it is a company that has the ability to work on it at the speed which you desire it to be built.  If they have a day job and then work on yours at night or on the weekend, you will be frustrated by the speed of delivery. If you outsource, let it be known that you will be charged for every tweak, modification or change you want to do.  That can limit your ability to get every feature you want if you blow your budget.
    If you have the time to do it, learn how to design yourself using the most popular tools (asp.net with a sql db or php with mysql).  This will enable you to make it everything you want it to be, make changes on the fly and get instant gratification when you see your changes online.
    The / domain is fine if you are just trying to test the waters and the website in front of the slash already has good presence. I`m confident you will be successful!  I don`t agree with all your thoughts:.#2 - That may be the case if you get an alacarte quote or if you add a bunch of feature after setting a price... so, it`s a good idea to talk to the developer about your current and future needs. May times I provide quotes with optional features, that the client may or may not want to implement.  However, it is important for you and the developer to agree on what is to be provided for the price quoted. #3 - DIY is ok if the person feels their time is better spent on developing their website than doing something else. #4 -  / domain is OK but certainly will not give you accurate stats on how a real domain site would perform for your targeted search terms. ~Roland
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