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Best strategy for promoting business

royalmattroyalmatt subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2011 in Business Planning
Hi All,

Could any one please let me know the best strategy to promote my small business, would that be Ok if i use website.

Please suggested


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    RescuepreneurRescuepreneur subscriber Posts: 1
    I'm not sure what your business is although this really doesn't matter, having a website should be a part of any business.
    Wordpress websites are an easy and free way to start.
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    Roy07Roy07 subscriber Posts: 0
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    Anthony696Anthony696 subscriber Posts: 0
    This thing is totally depend on the you business that you need a website or not. Suppose if you want start food catering business which a small scale business withing your only and you already have your fixed customer then you don't need a website but the better thing is that you should advertise through News Paper, Hording and on TV in you area which can help to grow your business.
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    percysandspercysands subscriber Posts: 0
    It really depend upon the nature of the event,I mean what is the message you want your audience to get from your event.Local websites including the chamber of commerce not only give you an
    opportunity to promote your site locally, but often provide an
    opportunity to gain a credible link that benefits your ranking in
    search engines.
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    aapkaeaapkae subscriber Posts: 0
    i uses google adwords for promoting my business online
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    DanePymbleDanePymble subscriber Posts: 0
    Having a website is an absolute necessity these days in my opinion, if nothing more than showing people your business really does exist.
    If you are looking for cost effective ways to set up a website take a look at www.godaddy.com for your domain & www.bluehost.com for web hosting.
    The good thing about Blue Host's web hosting is that you don't need to be an expert on HTML code or CSS to design your website.
    Some other good marketing resources you may want to look at are:
    www.nevercoldcall.com - excellent sales strategies debunking the myth that cold calling is effective (let's face it nobody really likes doing it!!)
    Rsoalind Gardiner's Super Affiliate Handbook - Has some great tips for anybody looking to market products and/or services online but is much more than that. It takes you step by step through all the processes required in setting up and running your site, advertising, market research, forum participation etc.
    Best of luck!
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    BJ_CBJ_C subscriber Posts: 2
    I use google adwords and SEO to promote my online sales.
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    johndiv23johndiv23 subscriber Posts: 1
    There are a lot of ways really, a website is a good idea but a website alone couldn't do much help if you don't optimize it. You can also use various social networking sites to help you gain more exposure. Facebook is one of that great tools.
    Create a fan page and gather fans, join groups(of course related to your niche or target audience)
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