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 I am trying to start up a business that has to do with hosiery. While contacting manufacters to make my product (overseas) they asked me what thread count I needed as well as what kind of needles I wanted my hosiery made with. I am not familar with this aspect of design. I want to put out a quality product and want to know if anyone can offer me any suggestions on what makes a quality pair of stocking and tights. I also want to know if going overseas which is alot cheaper is the best way to go. Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Not sure about the technicals .... just thinking, though,  that businesses in the US could probably use the work, if it`s possible to do it here.
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     It is too expensive to do it here, and with me starting this by myself, I have to do it the best way to save money, and get it going. There are alot of BIG business that also have their products made overseas. If you have a suggestion on a reasonable textile plant in the United States, then let me know.
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    Thanks for your advice. I you know of any hosiery mills in the US  that would be willing to work with me please let me know. I am looking for information to get started, and am open to any suggestions. I understand what your saying about made in america, but I haven`t been able to find a hosiery mill here. I read Sara Blakey`s bio about when she got started with SPANX and how she had a hard time getting a hosiery mill to work with her. She finally found one in North Carolina. I researched mills and emailed alot of them and haven`t gotten a response. I appreciate your reply to my post, and if you have think of anything else, please let me know. Thanks again.
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