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Develop your small business by 5 tasks a day!

oveove subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2007 in Business Planning
Set goals for your small business, write them down on paper and commit yourself to them! If you do, you will come out as a successful small business entrepreneur!The everyday small business operations such as : keeping up with email, maintain your web site, checking traffic statistics, surf the web for new ideas etc, may consume the time you need to use for necessary actions developing your small business. If you don`t watch it, it might have a very negative impact on your ability to achieve your goals.Now, how do you take your business all the way? How can you avoid to be distracted from what you have to do? Create a Five Tasks a day schedule! Do five small tasks every day that help take your small business one step at the time closer to your goals. Create An Action PlanWhen you define what you want to achieve with your small business, spend some extra time to write down the steps you need to take. Make a blueprint which states exactly what you want to achieve, and what you have to do to reach your goals. Make it clear what is most important. In what order should it be done? What needs extra time or resources?Instead of just having one definite deadline for your main goal, you need to create stop over goals. Make a schedule and set stop over goals at each state of progress. Write down an estimated arrival date at each stop over goal. By doing this ,you`ll break down your main goal into manageable easy to maintain steps.Create Your Five A Day Plan Ahead set aside 5-10 minutes at the end of each day. Have a look at your plan and decide what needs to be done to move you to the next stop over goal. What can you do tomorrow that will bring your small business closer to that next stop over goal?Decide what you want to accomplish, and break it down into tasks, small tasks that can be completed in a couple of hours, or even minutes. It might be something as small and quick to do as, "Get a price list from supplier A." Or it may be a bigger task such as "Write down all the benefits to cover on your sales page." Whatever the task is, make sure you break it down far enough so you can complete it in a couple of hours, at most.Time to start! Write down five tasks for tomorrow. Write down exactly what you need to do, what results you want to achieve, what resources you`ll need.No Matter What, You Must Stick To Your Plan!Tomorrow you must complete all five tasks. You can`t afford to let "emergencies" divert you from these all important business developing, goal achieving tasks. Don`t spend your day jumping from one emergency to another. Put your blinders on, and concentrate on your tasks, do it each and every day.The Five Tasks A Day Strategy is working, try it and you will be delighted how easy it is to develop your own small successful business.Ove Nordkvist at www.small-biz-ideas.netove2007-1-10 23:34:56


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Ove from Thailand,
    Nice post. There is a post buried somewhere in the SuN archives about this very topic ... working "on" your business versus working "in" you business. The "emergencies" you speak of I call "fires." Too many business people become "firemen" ... always putting out fires. There are many reasons for this and your suggestion of utilizing the 5 Tasks a Day is one good solution. There are more ways, too.
    Just curious. What does Ove do? your profile doesn`t tell us much. Your English is excellent. What is your story?
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    kgkg subscriber Posts: 3
    Is a stop over goal similar to using a timeline that indicates the % percent of progress?  Or are you just referring to a repeating task that you review?
    Clarifiying this could prove very helpful to me.  I home office and trade stocks as a day trader for our personal investments.  My time is my own.  I use Project timelines, deadlines and tasks for major projects, and I have a binder for each project.  My projects are individual and some team efforts.  So, once I have a team, their roles and responsibilities I don`t track unless they don`t deliver. I only track my progress. I use planners/worksheets for weekly/monthly organizing, such as household management and maintenance to do lists, or vacation, new auto, etc.  These are lists that only need one sheet.
    My stock trade journal and educational binder are a major project.  My book is a major project.  My husband`s coffee company is a major project outside of his home office work for a tech firm.
    I have a diagram/map on paper, a blueprint showing the floor layout of my house. There are boxes for active and archived file cabinets, bins, and arrows indicating the process for purge-file-act incoming and outgoing items.  This is the only way that I know to work from home and get things accomplished.  It tracks the physical movement of everything in my house, including where the athletic bags go.
    I use an e-organizer to track projects, plans, tasks, goals, missions.  Yes, I have a calender but it isn`t like most.  I segment my day into 4 time zones.  In each time zone, I have to work on mind, body, spirit.  If I don`t, I can`t function the next day.  Everything in my life has to be connected.  If I am on my way to play tennis, I listen to market news podcasts in the car, then I listen to inspirational music while on the treadmill.  I get up at 3:30 AM and spend my first hour spiritually, next hour is walking ( and I just added two weekly book discussions during that hour with a friend who is also writing her book.  We do this while walking)  Then, I spend an hour listneing to a webinar on stocks, then I trade.  It isn`t 9:00 AM yet.  Next, I use my juicer and now my day begins.
    You would think I am brilliant and get an enormous amount of work done.  I think I am making up for lost time. I have to run my house and life this way because I still have bad physical days from the strokes.  I may have four or five days during the month where I achieve absolutely nothing.  When this happens, I lose all sense of time.  I can`t remember anything and I have to start all over again.  This is caused from the strokes and I think this is what the elderly suffer from.  I started trading stocks when a physician told me he saw signs of early memory loss.  He said to retrain my brain to remember in multiple modalities.  Draw it, write it, act it out, sing it; what ever it takes to recall the information.  Now, I use charts, numbers, higher thinking analytical skills.
    My `organizational package` allows me to stop anytime, rest, and resume exactly where I stopped.  It`s great and I don`t feel compromised.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... I love that you mentioned about ove`s wonderful writing skills. It is great to see someone publicly commending, what seems to be so unimportant to others nowadays.I have eventually come to the realization that I don`t have the great writing skills I had thought. Actually, that whole feeling of writing ability came from a very motivating employer I once had. I don`t know what to believe but he convinced me I was pretty good at writing. It wasn`t until I started showing my writing to others, that I found differing opinions.... But wait I am going off on a tangent...My point is, I don`t use the knowledge of my less than spectacular writing skill as an excuse for poor writing. I proof read 99% of the copy I publicize more than once. I try to make it clear, concise, and read in a smooth order. My worst issue is spelling. I really check that. I wish others would lead the reader on the same, organized, well thought path, in their writings.
    ... I am very similar to you. I must create a physical, visual, spacial movement of the tasks I do in order to stay on task, and ...retrospectively, see the milestones I have made.
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