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Inspire and motivate our children

InspiratorInspirator subscriber Posts: 2
Hey, we can help children live their best life into adulthood.  Sounds good to me.  That`s www.motivatingdecor.com mission
Surround yourself and children with daily inspiration and motivation.
Join us to help make the world a better place.
Looking for a partner to work with me and help spread this message.   


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi! What a cute product line. Something I have not come across except teacher items in the education store, but nothing with such clear motivating messages for kids. Great Product! This page , the second family sounds like they need therapy http://www.motivatingmobiles.com/cartoonfamily.html . Very cute!
  • InspiratorInspirator subscriber Posts: 2
    I want to have a partner who is honest, has passion for enriching children, a good business mind, reliable, good people person, enjoys traveling and can help promote our business.  Help us get printed in magazines, press releases, talk segments, in stores, expansions and really do some fun stuff for children.   Help enlist campaigns, and since some children admire and look up to celebrities and athletes perhaps they will then team up every now and then and give children some character building items.  This also helps children know people really care about them and what they do really matter.  I can go on and on.
    This is a great time!  This is an exciting time!  Not only for adults, but children too.  A brand new year!  Full of hopes, dreams and expectations.  Encourage our children to aim for a successful New Year.  Set goals and work to achieve them.  Celebrities and Athletes get on board and provide children with motivational decor.  Inspire them to be the best person they can be.  Help boost their confidence and self-esteem.  Sorry, I did go on and on.   Like I said, I am passionate about helping children live their best life into adulthood. 
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