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What Is Your Best Productivity Tip?

There are a lot of great ideas for increasing productivity.  If we all shared a tip or two, imagine how (even more) productive we might get?
One that I always mention is planning the day in 15 minute increments. It helps me remain goal-oriented and keeps me on task.
What is your tip?
RosannaTussey2/6/2008 3:45 PM


  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    nice post!
    as we say in our startup how-to book, "take 5 and 10."

    5 minutes at the beginning of the day to make sure you have your priorities in place for the rest of the day, and

    10 minutes at the end of the day to triage what you completed and what your focus should be tomorrow.

    it`s a discipline.
    Rich2/6/2008 9:05 PM
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    anyone tried using their mouse with their left hand lately?
  • RosannaTusseyRosannaTussey subscriber Posts: 4
    Andrew and Craig, you brought up a good point. I usd to think that by working long hours straight through that I was being more productive than if I would have taken a short break. That was, until I learned that by stepping away for a few minutes, I could return to the task at hand with renewed focus and energy.  What a treat that a short break during the day can actually help me to be more productive!
    RosannaTussey2/8/2008 10:22 AM
  • RosannaTusseyRosannaTussey subscriber Posts: 4
    I think I saw something on that study, too.  So I suppose another productivity tip would be to ensure that you get adequate sleep at night (something that often seems to flee us as adults) to ensure that you will function at top capacity during the day.
  • MalteMalte subscriber Posts: 4
    I personally stay organized by planning the day and writing down things that I need to get done. This way is easy to keep track on my progress, and it actually works very motivating seeing how your list gets smaller and smaller. Be on paper, on you palm/phone or whatever, this can help you stay focused, and make sure that you don`t forget some important task.
    If anyone finds that article you talked about, please post it
    Kind regards,
  • FranbFranb subscriber Posts: 0
    Stan, I love it. That might explain in part why I have so much trouble with right-brained activities. I have just to opposite problem of everyone else. I`m very conceptualizing and creative most of the time. I am naturally right-handed, but due to missing several fingers on my right hand, use my left hand to mouse and write and do most acitvities that require hands. So, your thoughts have just sparked my interest to see if studying for my upcoming comprehensive exams will be easier if I engage my right hand more. Thanks for the totally cool, weird idea! If it works for me, I may try to adapt for my students as an exercise in creative thinking.
  • RosannaTusseyRosannaTussey subscriber Posts: 4

     I try to handle a piece of paper only once, e.g., when the mail comes I deal with it immediately and file things in the proper folder or the trash.

    I really like this idea. I am going to implement it in my life.  I have done it with mail, so it is only a small step to do it with the other papers that I handle during the day.  Thanks for bringing this up. 
  • secretstaffsecretstaff subscriber Posts: 0
    To be more productive...
    1. Plan.
    2. Prioritize your tasks or goals and simply avoid unimportant things. When it's time to work, work.
    3. Take the time you need to accomplish a quality job. Doing it right the first time saves you time and effort.
    4. Remember to take a break. Re-charge and become more efficient.
  • AnnieSialoAnnieSialo subscriber Posts: 0
    I think trusting your employees and interacting with them will help in breaking the ice. Once they are comfortable at work productivity comes automatically.
  • philstonephilstone subscriber Posts: 0
    For any company, no matter its size, your employees are the key to business success. Ensure that your business has strategies in place for adequate workplace motivation is to maximize your staff's skills and achieve success.
  • kathleen_ortankathleen_ortan subscriber Posts: 0
    All flourishing business owners depend on productivity, whether it is from their staff members or from themselves. Improving business productivity is essential to run a business easily as productivity is one of the main ingredients that can win a competitive advantage for your business.

    Improved Communication
    Have an Action Plan
    Pump Yourself Up
    Stop Multitasking
    Hammer the Toughest Nail First
    Allocating Tasks To Staff Members &
    Break It Up
  • thebizdudethebizdude subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with you. Toyota, and the US manufacturing actually identify intellect as one of the largest wastes within a company - the inability to connect with people an utilize their information. First, communication and additional taking what they know and capturing it into standardized word for repeatability. Next how long does each task take? If we were to time X event over a period what would the best practice be and work towards that? Lastly, there is good material in a book called, Gung Ho!, which really hits it home as to why we interact with people. The interactions and ownership of their area allows for them to be involved - make a difference. You should check it out.

    the business dude: 10 years+ using lean experience for problem solving, efficiencies, process improvements.
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Proper organization of work
    Precision in setting goals
    Skilful plan making
  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member
    • Do Your Most Dreaded Task First
    • Turn off Distractions

  • LifeRevivalUniverseLifeRevivalUniverse subscriber Posts: 76 Silver Level Member

    Do the most important things first

    Distinguish between important and urgent tasks

    Complete tasks one at a time

    Track your progress

    Talk about your little victories

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