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Changing business name - Do I, Don`t I?

roryoconnorroryoconnor subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Marketing
I`ve been a raving fan of StartupNation and its podcasts since I first heard them nearly two years ago. I recommend this site to all my colleagues and clients here in Ireland but this is my first post.
I`m currently a sole trader, trading as The Creativity Hub (http://www.thecreativityhub.com) for the past 3 years. My tagline is Empower Yourself, Empower Others. I`ve never been totally happy with the name, as I provide tools, training and facilitation that empowers individuals and organizations to remove the barriers and develop a shared vision for themselves and their business.
I use the term Hub, as I value social learning and envision providing tools and training to others, who in turn will set up their own Hubs all across the globe.
While discussing the existing logo (http://www.thecreativityhub.com) and resistance to producing marketing material (my new website is still under development after a year) with a colleague who specialises with branding, we discussed alternatives to the name. What we hit upon was:
Radiate - Empower Yourself, Empower Others.
I like it because the word Radiate is an active word. It is subtle, yet powerful, suggesting expansion. It ties together my way of being. I`m not a showy person, ubut am quielty confident in my approach. It suits my range of skills, including energy psychology, creativity, personal development, conflict resolution and change theory.
The "i" in the middle could also be a strong element. All change begins with "i" - yourself first. The "i" is also well balanced in the centre. The i (Eye) is also about vision and is central to the name of one of my products - The Inner Vision Deck.
Okay. So I like it. My only concern is that it sounds like a design company. What do you think? How does Radiate sit with you? What does it conjure for you? Does it need another word for greater clarity, such as Radiate Vision - Empower Yourself Empower Others.
Before I invest in making a change, to my overall brand - logo,
website, cards, URLs etc, I would really appreciate your feedback and
Rory O`Connor***************************************************
"We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are." - Talmudic Proverb
The Creativity Hub - Empower Yourself,  Empower Others
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    roryoconnorroryoconnor subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback Brian.
    The URL is an area where I am currently generating word combinations to see what I can use. I could secure www.radiate.ie (an irish domain), but this is not international enough for the product side of things. The URL will definitely need another word r symbol, in order to find a unique URL.
    Ones I am considering, but not 100% on include:radiate-empower.comradiatepower.com - I like this, because the story I tell myself is that we all have secret, hidden, untapped powers, and I help people and organisations to discover them. So I like the idea of playing with an everyday super hero motif. Trouble is, it sounds like a energy provider (which could work for me)iradiate - sounds too much like irradiate, to incur radiationradi8 - too much like a colleagues site, Cre8ngradiateout - not clear enoughradiatechange - possibleuradiate - possible, but it`s already a dating site!!radiatecreativity - same problem as CreativityHub, only focusing on creativityradiatesolutions - too corporate and IT-like
    This list is by no means exhaustive. I`ll be hitting the thesaurus again.
    I would really appreciate hearing your suggestions as to what would be memorable to you.
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    RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    You might be over-thinking all of this.
    The name doesn`t sell the business; you do.
    Is the Creativity Hub broken?
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    roryoconnorroryoconnor subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Ric,
    When you say `broken` I am going to assume `not meeting some need for me/the business`.
    In that case, you might say it is. When I say it to people, I often have to repeat myself and then spell it out - especially when talking over the phone. I geuss people do not expect to hear Creativity & Hub together. So they ask for the name to be repeated.
    I assumed a name ought to be easy to understand (and spell), though I am willing to adjust my view.
    While I do not expect the name to sell the business in it`s own right, I would like it to be memorable and easy to say/spell. I also like names that provide a reflect the aspirations of the business.
    When I read your name, I can make a pretty good guess at the service you provide, and it speaks directly to its target market. For me, the Creativity Hub does not do that.
    Would value hearing more on what a name means to you.
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    I hate to burst your bubble, but I don`t like either of these names. They don`t tell me what you are about. Unless you want to spend an awful lot of time and money branding yourself (like McDonald`s), you need to have a name that tells people immediately what you`re about.
    When people see "The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur", if they`re a 20-something entrepreneur they`re going to skip by me because they know immediately that I`m not speaking to them. However, if someone is a 50 year old entrepreneur they might pause and think "that sounds like me."
    Perhaps the problem with your existing name is the "hub". I think of a hub as a connection point. Therefore I`d expect the Creativity Hub to be a site with links to other sites about creativity. Perhaps you just need to tweak what you`ve got.
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    The current name seems to be working out. However, if you are not happy with the name you should change it. As Ric mentioned, you are the selling point. Perhaps the name change will give you the confidence and help booster your business to another level. Whatever you decide, I wish you great success!
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    roryoconnorroryoconnor subscriber Posts: 1
    thanks for the feedback. (I reallylike you site). While I agree with you about people being able to understand what you do from the name, I do no want to be quite so literal as:
    "TheCreativeThinking&ConflictResolutionGuy". It just wouldn`t work for people in Ireland.
    My use of the term Hub represents connecting people, with customers establishing their own hubs of Creativity & Innovation Agents in their organisation or community. These in turn provide support and training for others in their organisation or community. The focus is on more than just the web, though I can see how it would be interpreted as just a website. I would appreciate hearing how `Hub` sits with you now, hearing this?
    you hit the nail on the head, when I hear myself say radiate, I feel more confident talking about the business, because it reflects (for me) that my services are about more than just creativity, but about empowering people to radiate change in their lives, organisation and communities (as Innovation Agents).
    As Gandhi say "be the change, you want to see in the world"
    This thread is really helping me get clearer on my thoughts about the name, especially in clarifying what I offer, so please the comments coming.
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    minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    Hi Rory,
    I have worked with a lady in the states that is in a very similar business and she just uses her name for her business.  Since you are in a service business where you want to be known as the expert, I would suggest incorporating your name into the business name.  This way, you are promoting yourself and your business at the same time.
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    RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    It`s your business, make up your own mind; but do it quickly and don`t waste time.Two thousand years ago, the Roman Law stated: "De minimis non curat praetor."The magistrate does not consider trifles.Telephone your top six clients who have worked with you for some time on a regular basis, pay you well and recommend your services. Ask them if there is a problem with The Creativity Hub? Nothing else; just is there a problem with The Creativity Hub?If half or more say, yes, then change the name. If not ... Rgds,Ric
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    cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    I agree with Tracy, add your own name to "The Creativity Hub" and go with it. I do like Creativity Hub.
    I am someone who uses my full name for my business and in my world it works for me.
    Good Luck!
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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    I also really like the name Radiate - and the possible name change  provides a great opportunity to reintroduce yourself to your past, current and potential clientele - as well as the media.
    Radiate would also seem to project a greater opportunity for mental and graphic imagery.  While The Creativity Hub seems somewhat stagnant - Radiate conveys movement and energy.
    - J.
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    roryoconnorroryoconnor subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I`m really appreciating all your feedback on this post
    Ric - I agree fully about not suffering trifles. I hate dragging my heels over something like this. With regards to testing the name. There`s a mixed reaction from those I ask.
    Tracy & Colleen - I appreciate the suggestion. In my case, I also produce a number of products. For that reason, I want to use a separate name.
    And Jeff, I too really like the image potential for Radiate, and the suggestion of movement.
    What I am going to do is stick with The Creativity Hub and work on bringing more of that sense of movement into the name, and get away from the static splodge symbol I currently use.
    Again, thanks for all your feedback, It`s been really helpful for me being able to air my concerns here.
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