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Business Idea -- Work Area Organizing -- Feedback please!

rookapsrookaps subscriber Posts: 10
edited August 2007 in Selecting a Business
As I was sitting at my messy, messy desk the other day it occured to me that I would pay someone to clean and organize my cubicle.  (Though I have a home based business--  RooKaps.com, I also work during the day full time).  Actually my home office is a mess too!
I offered my co-worker who keeps an immaculately organized work area $25 to do the same for my space.  Then I was flashed with a light bulb moment-- I bet a lot a lot of folks would be willing to pay to have someone organize their desks/offices. 
Home organization is big  business now.  I`m willing to bet that work area orginazation could take off too. 
The stumbling blocks I could see with this is tackling mounds of paper, ie., not knowing what was important and what was trashable.  Also, I envisioned going in and providing the right organizing holders and containers -- how would that be paid for or ordered?
I am really thinking about pursuing this. I have spoken with my co-worker (she is a real Martha Stewart type).  If I drum up the business and get this off the ground she is willing to provide the know how and labor.
Your thoughts please..rookaps2007-8-15 18:57:4


  • PatriciaAnnePatriciaAnne subscriber Posts: 0
    There are people who do this -- for both home and office. Your success will depend on your marketing and ability to make the sale.
  • RetiredMemberRetiredMember subscriber Posts: 0
    Don`t bet the farm on guesses... get out there and do the due diligence needed. Find out the full breath and depth of your possible market before you take one more step. No point planning something that will not sell.
    Once you find a sufficient market, come back for steps 2 to 31.
    Good luck!
  • sTiZZiTsTiZZiT subscriber Posts: 1
    Dont listen to some of these people as they haven`t evaluated the whole picture or are not familiar with the areas that need organization.As part of lean manufacturing (a hot topic nowadays - look it up for more info) one very major step is called 5s.  It has to do with organizing a manufacturing floor to improve efficiency.  You will find this concept to work in any and every office with only the implementation changing.  When these people mention "work area" they are very narrow minded to think that this term is limited to a desk with a stack of papers.  There is much more to work areas than just a desk.  Engineers have a bench, assemblers have a bench or multiple benches, machine shops have toolboxes, tool benches, and work benches. By giving someone an area to organize there items (papers, tools, etc), you have helped them with their organization problem while letting THEM do the organizing.  The other sticking part is most offices will NOT let you organize their papers (not that you should anyway) due to confidentiality (we sure wouldn`t let you).There is a lot of money to be made in this type of consulting but there is also a large barrier to entry.  You must have a ROCK solid reputation with lots of quality references.Hope that helped!
  • RetiredMemberRetiredMember subscriber Posts: 0
    Like I said, do the market research FIRST!
    Like I mentioned in another post that, with some tolerance for a little duplication, I`ll repeat it here for your benefit Rookaps:
    The Formula for Success:

    Find a hot, HUNGRY target market.
    Find out what they already want and are already buying.
    Sell them more of the SAME.
    Keep doing it until they won`t buy any more.
    Go back to step 1.
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