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inexspensive marketing tips

scoobsscoobs subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Marketing

I recently joined a company marketing a child safety program.  I am on a very low budget.  What is the best way to introduce the program to my community without spending so much.  I know that in direct selling its all about talking to people but it has not been easy for me since I have always been considered a bit on the shy side.  However Im not giving up since I truly believe in the product.


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    BusinesswithcentsBusinesswithcents subscriber Posts: 2
    Scoobs, you can become and expert in the child safety programs field and write articles for free and post them on websites such as ezine.  This could reach a very large amount of people and it is absolutely free and for a very low cost you can write press releases and post them in hopes that someone in the media will pick it up.  This is a little more risky, but could potentially reach more people than you could imagine. I agree with CraigL in forgetting about your shyness, if you really believe in the product and are confident in the product you have nothing to lose, you are not selling anything, you are helping people. If this sounds interesting to you I would recommend that you read a book entitled "Selling Sucks" by Frank Rumbauskas.  Good luck.
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    VolusionVolusion subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m not sure exactly what you sell, but perhaps you could consider partnering with a school program.  Schools purchase these types of items too, but in much bigger quantities than individuals.
    Also, are you targeting just to your area or are you going online as well?
    Michelle Greer
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