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Brand New Marketing Strategy???

AustinAustin subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Being a college student, I can profess to the fact that I log on to facebook.com at LEAST 4 times a day (sad, I know). Obviously, advertising would be incredibly efficient if there was a way to reach out to many people on facebook, but it`s not that simple. There are ways to pay for tiny banners on the left side of the screen, but I honestly can`t remember one ad I`ve ever seen on that site.
Another advertising possibility is via the new facebook applications, some of which include places to put top friends, favorite movies, and one that caught my eye was the PickAProf.com application, which I loaded onto my page. This application, not written by facebook itself, provides an easy way for students to see friends that are enrolled in certain classes. It also provides a link to their website, serving as an extremely efficient marketing device.
Personally, my business idea deals with high school sports... One part of my site provides tools for coaches and the other provides social outreach efforts for high school athletes... for example, letting them show off highlight tapes of themselves on YouTube, etc.
With the amount of high school athletes on facebook, I think this could be an amazing marketing strategy..... now the only problem is hiring someone to write an application?
Just thought this was a cool possibility for any type of business.


  • AustinAustin subscriber Posts: 4
    You`re right... it`s not a strategy, it`s a tactic. I didn`t choose my words wisely enough.
    I see your point about hopping onto a private venture and making yourself dependent on it, but as a tactic, I don`t really see the harm in that. As long as you aren`t basing your entire marketing strategy around it, then what`s the real problem? If it`s possible, why not tap into one of the world`s largest communities?
    I am not, by any means, going to focus less on advertising or on my own website. And honestly, the majority of success in my business will come from word of mouth. I just posted this because I see it as an untapped opportunity for others.
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