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Glad I found this site!

singstothewindsingstothewind subscriber Posts: 2
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Greetings, Everyone!After being glued to this site for two days, I am hardly new to it anymore.  However, I am fascinated, full of wonder, and grateful that StartupNation`s founders had such a great idea!By way of introduction, my name is Rhonda Heath.  At 42 I have had a wide variety of professional experiences in the fields of customer service, management, and quality assurance (among others).  However, my deepest and most persistent wish is that someday I will be able to launch my own fragrance design lab and perfumery.Everyone here seems to be very sincere, knowledgeable and eager to help.  What a blessing!  I am very much looking forward to learning from everyone, and helping out myself when I can.Kind regards to all!


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    Hello Rhonda and Welcome
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    songtothewind,welcome to our community. i hope we can collectively help you on your path to launching that fragrance design lab and perfumery. sounds cool!wondering... would it be a DIY fragrance design lab, so customers create their own scents?
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
  • singstothewindsingstothewind subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you all for the warm welcome and the encouragement!Dear Jackie123: I have been tinkering with my webpage for about 2 months, off and on.  I have the basic layout figured out, and the welcome page completed (I am designing in Fireworks).  I am a perfectionist, though, and my ideas are pretty plastic.  I could put a screenshot up in my picture gallery for critique...I would love to see what you all think about it so far! Thanks!!Dear Rich: What an honor it is to be able to be able to thank you directly for providing such a wonderful service.  My hat is off to you and your brother!My model for the fragrance design lab is one of hands-on collaboration.  I truly love working with essential oils, and I enjoy the experience of guiding clients through the process of blending their own signature fragrance.  There is a definable procedure to the creation of a perfume.  It is also a journey, a process of discovery; the sense of smell can evoke memories and emotions long forgotten.  The thrill of watching someone`s eyes open wide with surprise--and then close in pure bliss--never diminishes.  I know that DIY stores have their place, but not for a client who is a true fragrance connoisseur looking for an authentic work of art.  The DIYs overlook a multitude of important blending principles (for example, the importance of proportion--you just get a squirt of each compound you choose), and they offer nothing but synthetic fragrances.  The difference between the DIYs and the studio I envision is comparable to the difference between Burger King and theRussian Tea Room.  At Burger King, you can have it your way (basically) and the product is adequate, but forgettable.  At the Russian Tea Room...well, you see what I`m saying.As for the perfumery part of the business, it will feature 10 to 15 of the finest fragrances I have ever developed (both men`s and women`s), available in a variety of vehicles (perfume, cologne, eau de toilette, bath oil, powder, lotion, bubble bath, scrubs, etc).  I have 4 journals full of fragrance recipes I have developed over the years--over 500 recipes in all--so I may rotate the availability of some of my offerings seasonally.Whew--sorry for the lecture!  As you can tell, the passion is as big as the dream...To All, thank you so much again for the welcome, and I wish everyone nothing but the best!
  • singstothewindsingstothewind subscriber Posts: 2
    Dear Craig,Your response to my hello is much appreciated by me!P.S.  If you keep on teasin` me, I`m gonna put you on my buddy list...
  • singstothewindsingstothewind subscriber Posts: 2
    From what I can gather, you are telling me either that my inbox is gonna be full of it, or that you would retaliate by putting me on your list too...   You know how simple I am, Craig--`Splain!
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