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Word of mouth times 100,000

onemanpianoonemanpiano subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in Marketing
The classic question in how to get one-hundred-thousand people talking about your business or product and any given second. Viral proliferation is one of the more illusive phenomenon in modern marketing. In starting my new business of promoting my music online this has been something I`ve studied a bit. But still I feel I need more input. There are 1000 ways to get people talking and when it is our livelihood we must use all of them to ensure success...
What`s youre best thoughts on word of mouth and viral marketing?


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    DCCSCSDCCSCS subscriber Posts: 6
    I am also trying to figure that out right now.  I am able to track who visits our site, but because its so new, we haven`t really come up with a number as far as how many visitors we need to make a good profit.  While its exciting to see that people visit the site, its more exciting when we see people who sign up for something when visiting the site.
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    ChicLadyChicLady subscriber Posts: 4
    One word- BLOGS!!!
    Find blogs that are relevant to your product/ service and tell them about it.... Bloggers love to talk about cool stuff. The best part about it is that most bloggers are linked by RSS feed to other blogs...
    So if you get into one blog, chances are you will get sent out to more than just the blog readers and so on and so forth-
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