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Funding Needed

austin28austin28 subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Growth Funding

A few years ago, I started an online venture that everyone thought was impossible.  But, I gathered the team I needed and made it happen.  I put every dime I had into this business which was not much but was all I had… a little under 100K.  But, we achieved what everyone had said was impossible.  However, that left no money for advertising or growth in anyway.  I had hoped word of mouth and media attention would bring us the members we would need so we could reinvest any review into the company.   Instead, most of the attention we got was from others who had much more money and who copied our ideas.  These other companies had millions to spend.  But, even with their millions, we are in the running of the top 3 of our type of site.  At this time, we don’t have a huge membership due to some technical issues and the fact that we have not been able to spend the money for some of the more elaborate bells and whistles. 


With 4 million we could not only match but far exceed what others have copied.  The thing is even though they have copied, I have kept my long range plans pretty close to the breast.  So, they have only been able to gain access to the site, find what is there or things that are in the works, and copy those.  They haven’t a clue where I was going with this idea, even though some of them have had the balls to actually call me on the phone to ask me to share my future plans with them.  LOL 


Ok here is the thing, would need an investor who would be willing to help take this to the next level.  The plan I have would make them their money back in less than two years.  What steps would I need to gain an audience with someone who 1) has the type of money to invest that we need, and 2) would be willing to work with a site that does not have a large membership, yet?


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