The Business of "Going Out of Business"

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I know we are all about starting it up but now I need to know how to shut it down.  After nearly nine years in business, the time has come to close the doors.  However, rather than just turning off the lights, I want to make sure that I`m not overlooking the value in the business (i.e., an established name, vendor relationships, registered url, etc.) and the possibility of selling.
So, please help!  Where do I start?


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    Thanks, KJC.  I am a list person so this makes sense to me.  I also will check with SCORE in my local area.
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    Why am I selling?  Always an excellent question.  While not fully answereing it at this time let`s just say that the business seems to no longer fit step 1 of Open For Business, Create a Life Plan.
    Many major changes in life in the past nine years have changed my life and, therefore, my life plan.  So, I`m analyzing, scrutinizing and seeking advice as I make short and long term decisions.
    Also, I MAY choose to use the wisdom gleaned from others and my own experiences to pursue another business venture.  But that remains to be seen.  First, I want to clean house, mentally speaking, before opening new doors.  Just my thoughts.  Purely thoughts.
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    This is definately a decision I am sure that you thought long and hard about. I am sure over all those years you have poured yourself and your effort into it. You should try to sell the business, so that not all is lost. I am certain that another would find it at great value. There are alot of services that can do that for you, one is ... anguage=us , at SEDO. But look around, post an ad in your local paper. You can offer training to help get someone started.
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    Thanks for adding another point to my checklist - offering training.  Certainly something I have thought of.  Putting together a complete package is of top priority.
    Yes, I have put time and effort into it.  And reaped many rewards because of so doing.
    Thanks for the advice of where to post.
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