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Looking for funding (seed)

JiratechIncJiratechInc subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Elevator Pitches
.JiratechInc12/3/2007 7:53 AM


  • ustarustar subscriber Posts: 1
    I believe you are talking about web storage/web hosting, right? Then you have got many front runner as competition.
    Auto payment and immediate acess are nothing new, in fact they are like must to have.
    I looked at your rate isn`t exactly cheap. There are also many factors to consider when looking for web storage. Your pitch just didn`t point out what makes you different from your competition. What`s your edge?
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I would suggest starting your elevator pitch with a statement of the "problem" that your company will solve. Then you can describe how it is currently being addressed and how you will be "different".
  • JiratechIncJiratechInc subscriber Posts: 1
    .JiratechInc12/3/2007 7:54 AM
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Have you ever rented a storage unit when you were in the process of moving? Calling every facility in your area kinda sucks. Especially when they dont answer. How would you like to rent one on line using a zip code search, rent that unit and get an access code to enter the facility regardless of the time of day or day of the week? Instant access.There`s your sales pitch.Now, for the investor, ask the question from the facility owner`s point of view and you`ll have your Elevator Pitch.
  • JiratechIncJiratechInc subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanx Video!
    .JiratechInc12/3/2007 7:55 AM
  • ustarustar subscriber Posts: 1
    I was confused by your web page. It is full of ads for web hosting and domain name listing. Yes, that would be nice to be able to rent space on line.
    I happen was out there searching for storage space before. The two places I visited weren`t using electronic lock; they use real lock with key. Manager lock all vacant units with their own lock. When you lease a unit, you need to bring in your own lock as that`s your liability now. And they require legal photo id and signed lease, for security reason, especially at post 911
    If I am VC, I like to know how do you address above problems before you can promise instant access. And I like to know wha`t you plan to bring in traffic. Have you made any contact with storage companies and what`s their feedback on your idea.
  • JiratechIncJiratechInc subscriber Posts: 1
    .JiratechInc12/3/2007 7:55 AM
  • ustarustar subscriber Posts: 1
    Checked couple of storage web sites, None of them use central lock for each door. PIN for gate, yes, central lock for each door, NO. They more or less say you cn bring your own lock or purchase a new sealed lock from them. Translation: Only you can open your lock, if your stuff went missing, we are not liable.
    I doubt electronic signature will work in this case. Shared space concerns more than judt you. Space owner really do need to know a real person is renting their space. What if someone`s stuff sets up a fire and burn everything include other customer`s stuff into ground? (think dead body, explosive, chemical hazrd, flamable) A electronic signature is going to hold that someone responsibile? I don`t think so.
    Do you really think instant access is possible?
  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    At my storage space you need a password to get in and it disarms only your locker.  You then open the locker using a key with your padlock.  On the way out you type in the password again and that again larms your locker.  This prevents others from entering the facility and opening your locker by cutting your lock.  Pretty neat.   
  • JiratechIncJiratechInc subscriber Posts: 1
    .JiratechInc12/3/2007 7:56 AM
  • JiratechIncJiratechInc subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanx Tiger, I`ll contact you!
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