How to move a deal forward?

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Hi-I`m trying to start a business venture in the sport training area, and I`ve been talking to another company about a partnership to provide a new training product.  We`ve had a good relationship so far, and I`ve done some sales and marketing work for them, but we still haven`t moved forward on the partnership.If I wasn`t already working with them, and enjoying working with them, I would`ve moved on.  But I`d like to make this work, and they`re definitely interested - it`s been back-burnered due to resource constraints, etc.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work to move this partnership to some definitive conclusion?Thanks!


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    No, but I look forward to hearing what is said...C.  
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    This is a crappy reply... but no one else is answering...I would say, write a list of what you think a good partnership should include. Put it together in a presentation. Then, when with the proposed partner... introduce it into the conversation (handing him/her the presentation). Or simply schedule a meeting to present it.What ever is done... you need to show/tell them you are ready to move forward. At the same time, they may be telling you... their not as interested as you are in a partnership.Negotiations can be difficult. It`s touchy and requires intimate knowledge of all parties involved.I hope my post will at least inspire others to post also.
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    Thanks, everyone.  I have done all the presentations, etc., to them to show the potential benefits of the project. I guess I need to show them the benefits of partnering with ME, rather than just the potential benefits of the project in general.Also, should I set a deadline for them to make a decision? Thanks for all your responses.
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    I think that`s a great idea, and more or less what I had in mind -- set a loose deadline to move the deal to some sort of conclusion, but not so firm/limiting as to miss a potential opportunity due to resource constraints on their end.  Thanks!
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    That`s exactly my point... but you said it better. 
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