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I would appreciate a critique of my site

TonyTTonyT subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2008 in Website Critique
I have designed a site, using Yahoo Small Business Tools, to attract people to visit the Philippines for medical treatment, combined with a vacation in this tropical, beautiful country, i.e medical tourism.http://philippinehealthtours.com/
After 8 months on the web it is not doing well.
Comments please on the design, keywords and SEO. Also any advice on marketing the site without a long e-mail list will be very welcome.


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    What is your definition of "not doing so well"?
    Yahoo`s sitebuilder is not SEO friendly .... creates a lot of code that you could do without, so it isn`t great for SEO .... if you keep using it, then you need to do more for titles, descriptions, keyword rich content, h1/h2 tags .... the basics of onsite SEO.
    Visually, the site lacks .... theres is no tight layout ... it`s like it just sits there instead of doing anything, which is to interest the viewer .... images are fine but not cartoon images in a medical-related site .... that instantly loses credibility for you ....
    I`d say hire a designer or at least get a nice premade template to build on and forget the Yahoo builder .... work on your content ....read up on basic SEO and implement it.
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    TonyTTonyT subscriber Posts: 1
    Your comments made me revisit my site and I started to understand your points. I must work on devising ways to improve it, maybe with outside help.
    Thank you
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    TonyTTonyT subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for those comments. I now wish I had not used the Yahoo tools. As well as SEO problems they make adding html codes difficult also.
    Clearly I need to find a local web host and designer. First I have to decide whether a recession is likely to put an end to people`s interest in medical tourism until the good times return.
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