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   My wife and I are turning our rental property into a Maternity Home for adult women who are homeless.  Can someone give us some ideas about finding an intern to help with grant writing? Do you think it is even possible?


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    WOW, RJ.... you and your wife are so kind hearted, I wish you guys the best of luck and may god bless you every step of the way. Have you ever thought about forming a non-profit? I actually have a friend in San Diego that may be able to guide you in writing grants... He works for the county and that`s his area of expertise...I will contact him and see if he has time...and I will get back to you...
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    That`s amazing.  Thank you for your well wishes.
    We are a non-profit CA corporation but have not gotten the funds together to
    establish our 501(c)(3). So ar it has all been bootstrapped. 
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    Well, your best solution is to start talking to people, Women Homes, YMCA, and so forth. There`s this resource guide out on the net. I will look for it and send you the link. It deals with home-less women, battered women and everything of that nature... 
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    RJSampson,I suggest that you check out HUD and see if they have a program that can help you fund it.  If there`s any agency willing to help your cause it will be them.LT
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