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TOO many choices, please lend your experience

britterbritter subscriber Posts: 6
edited May 2008 in Thought Leadership
Hi everyone.  I hope all is well.  Like many entrepreneurs I have many ideas and am pretty much getting pulled in multiple directions.  I am working on 3 business ideas grouped in the same industry (hopefully two will get in the launch phase soon), and one non-related free lance position which has entered the "money" phase and awaiting grad school.  I have just been offered a full time position, the money is great, the upper level experience would be amazing, especially at my age, but it is not consistent with my passions. 
Now on to the question. What to do? If you have been in a situation that is similar please share your decision, your reasons and the outcome and of course, would you take the same path again.  I am at a cross roads.
All the best,
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