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Potential PR Worth the Cash?

durtbagzdurtbagz subscriber Posts: 4
edited December 2007 in Public Relations
hi there.
i`ve been a lurker for a while and have started participating more with the recent launch of my bag company, Durtbagz.com.
last week, i received an inviation to participate as the bag sponsor in a pre-Golden Globes celebrity suite at The Silver Spoon, in LA. this means that each attendee would recieve a Durtbag upon entering the suite, to carry around the rest of the shwag they gather.
although, i am really flattered by the invite (espeically since it came a whopping 5 days after our press release went out. thanks businesswire!), there are a few reasons why i`m considering turning down the invite.
1. it is pretty expensive to participate and with the cost of the bags and the "sponsorship fee", it will be around $7k, not including shipping.
2. celebs aren`t my target audience. college kids are.
obviously, i`d do it for the press potential because i highly doubt teri hatcher is going to be the next Durtbagz spokesperson. but, i`m just not sure that being in UsWeekly or on E! (if press like that even occurred) is worth the money since it`s not targeted directly to college kids and college campuses. .
does anyone have any thoughts or any experience with an event like this? i`m really struggling with this decision because i`m so new/unfamiliar with this type of event.


  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Erin,
    Congrats on your PR success, and welcome to the community!
    This sounds like a great opportunity, but you will need to decide the kind of results you will receive and if it is really worth it. Do any of the celebrities at this event work with other groups involved with your target market? You may be able to reach your target audience indirectly.
    Otherwise, I would look carefully at the situation. As a new business owner, you may have better results, with less money, on other, more targeted, PR activities. (It sounds like you did well with your press release.) 
    Does the event person who contacted you work with other organizations? Maybe there is another opportunity around the corner more specific to your audience?
    Just a few thoughts...
  • durtbagzdurtbagz subscriber Posts: 4
    thank you both for the input. in a way, it`s comforting to know that my hesitancy is warranted and being validated by the both of you
    i`m working on getting an invite list for the event. if it`s not mostly "young hollywood", i`m probably going to pass. that is a lot of money to drop on an event that isn`t directly my target. especially since we`ve been in existence for two weeks. tomorrow.
    and great suggestion on asking if they do other events that does directly involve my target. just because this one might not be appropriate doesn`t me there will never be an event they do that is.
    i`d love to be in UsWeekly, if given the opportunity. i`m just not sure that this is the right level of risk to get me there. does that make sense?
    thank you, thank you for your responses. i really appreciate the input/advice!!
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Erin,
    Thanks for your kind words - and don`t forget... There are other ways to get into UsWeekly than "paying for placement." Keep your eyes open for other story angles and opportunities in the future!
    Best of luck,
  • durtbagzdurtbagz subscriber Posts: 4
    thanks, PRPro! someday, durtbagz will be in UsWeekly. oh yes, we will
    winston, thanks for your input. and i have done just what you`ve suggested. i`m still waiting on the invite list, however, i`m about 95% sure that we`ll be passing this year. i need to get in contact with someone who does gifts for events like MTV award shows and X Games and events like this that hit my crowd. bagz and money going towards money for something like that i could rationalize much easier.
    thank you to everyone for your input. it really has helped!
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    I can tell from your passion you`re going to be a success! Just remember us "little people" when you make it big!
  • durtbagzdurtbagz subscriber Posts: 4
    haha! thanks, melanie.
    jennifer, thanks for the confirmation as well.
    now, if i can just find shaun white`s address...
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