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What do you think?

BedaoneBedaone subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2006 in Website Critique
When discussing progress on a website with friends and family it is difficult to know if they are being honest or if the are supporting what ever you produce. Based on this i`m asking your opinion. So, what do you think? www.bedawear.com</A> I am aware of the limited product line and am currently designing more, Im more interested in your opinion on structure, use ability, appearence etc... Thanks for your help.....


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    FreshYieldsFreshYields subscriber Posts: 0
    Bedaone,First thing I see is that you menu isn`t very intuitive.  What I mean about that is that you ahve the menu across the top, and the same menu down the side.  You need to pick one menu style, and stick with it.  Second, maybe change the word "Apparel" to "Shop Apparel" or "Shop Bedawear".  Once in that section, go ahead and list all 6 items on one page.  It won`t hurt, and actually could help, because some visitors won`y go past the first page and may be missing out on something on page 3 they might be interested in.  Take a look at this site... http://struck.bigcartel.com/Let me know if you have any questions, or want more feedback.Steve Jameshttp://www.freshyields.com
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    EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    I don`t mind the limited product line. I know that will evolve. I really like the flash animation at the top. Very cool. Often you`ll hear people complain about using animation but the fact is that people that are interested in buying a 25 dollar T-shirt are probably doing well enough that they have a good computer and a fast connection. 
    Freshyields brings up a good point about the style. More continutity would feel better and yeah, you definitely need to direct people to the shopping area.
    The only thing that seems to BEDAproblem is that I`m personally too aware of what a silkscreen T costs to produce in bulk. I`m not prepared for that kind of markup. If you are overpricing to protect or prepare for a distribution and retail operation, OR to establish your line as higher-end product with limited availabilty,by all means, maintain those prices!
    Best of luck to you with it!
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