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??Partner wanted- Online Clothing Store!! ??

asylum2099asylum2099 subscriber Posts: 1
My name is Melissa. I had the most eye opening, exciting idea I have ever had in my life, and I have no doubt I will be successful. I am going to opening an online vintage/used clothing store. This will not be boring, or junky, it will be fresh and modern. I do have a name and I will tell whoever wants to be involved, it is modern and fun! I am also open to suggestions. I plan on having an awesome logo, website design, and I have an uncle who is willing to help me build the site for cheap. I also have a sister who is a graphic artist to help with logos. The only thing that will cost money is finding my clothing, each piece will be unique. 



Why did you decide to do this?

Fashion is something that has always been important to me, I know I have great taste and a good eye. I love shopping in thrift stores and sometimes it can be difficult to find the good stuff, so I figured whynot make a site that will have all the awesome stuff you try to find but takes hours in a thrift store?!


What makes this different from other retail websites?

I have some amazing ideas, which involved characters, weekly updating, advice... I will tell you more but I am a little bit nervous telling the world, as it is my special idea.


When do you plan on having it ready?

I am going to have it up and going on the net within the next 4 months. I am going to advertise my little bum off!! I have close friends and family across Canada, in almost every big city, I have already spoke with them about handing out flyers. I do not plan on just advertising on the internet, but with flyers as well.


What kind of help are you asking for?

I do need financial assitance, which either means lending, or opening  a part of my buisness, I would love to have a partner, and it doesn`t matter if you live in Canada as everything would be done over the net, but I do request to own most of it. I am always open to suggestions. Someone mature is also needed, but not too serious, someone that knows about finances would be helpful as well, and if you have experience with this that would help as well. It doesn`t matter if youre male or female, I do not discriminate.

PLEASE feel free to message me, I am so excited about this and I would love to have someone involved that can bring more to it. I am looking for some financial help, but I really don`t think it wil be much to get it off the ground. If you have any questions please msg me, or email [email protected]
Thank you for reading! Have an awesome day!
asylum20992/18/2008 3:08 AM


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