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Passive Income Ideas

AdvicefromRickyAdvicefromRicky subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2012 in Selecting a Business
Howdi folks,
First post ever, I hope this is the right place for it.
I work full time in a finance environment and I'm looking any ideas for a good passive income, I have good web knowledge and I can learn new things really quickly.


  • lightingguylightingguy subscriber Posts: 0
    Welcome Ricky,
    Passive income is really the way forward, it can give you additional funds to supplement your main job. It if its viable you may be able to move on to it full time if it works out !
    My first question is what kind of financial industry is you day time role, am I right to assume its the debt management insolvency line of work (If I were you I would get a website and use that as your signature instead)
    Because your day job is financially orientated I guessing you need relevant qualifications with the financial governing bodies of your specific country. If you do and you have then brilliant then you could start offering financial advice outside of work hours, which I'm sure will be high paying.
    If you don't have any financial awards perhaps you could start some sort of financial affiliate site, Google the term if you've never heard of it before.
    I think sticking close to something you do is the way forward. I work with lighting equipment all day so I chose to do that in my spare time for some extra work.
    Hope I helped
  • EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Forex trading has become very popular in recent times as a way of making money on the side using extra funds. In fact, a few people have even been able to turn their Forex trading activities into a regular source of income.
    trade forex
  • EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Forex trading is big business. The global annual turnover is counted in trillions, yes that is right, trillions of dollars More and more people, day after day, are eager to learn how to trade online. This creates a business opportunity. Trade Forex | Review Broker Forex
  • bigznetbigznet subscriber Posts: 0
    As others have mentioned, running a blog or building a website are great ways to create passive income. There's not a whole lot of investment required (about $100 per year for hosting and domain) and you can work whenever you have time.
    Don't get me wrong, it's not easy and it will take a significant amount of effort. But it provides lots of flexibility and almost anyone can do it -- if you're willing to learn
  • MeznerMezner subscriber Posts: 1
    Easiest way to make PASSIVE income is to create a product or membership site and get people to market it for you via networks like Clickbank or CJ. Not sure what part of finance you are in, but you can make some sort of ebook. I have a client who has a membership site and offers stock options. His salary is in the top 1%, but it isn't quite passive since he has to do some work.
  • CoreyPlantCoreyPlant subscriber Posts: 0
    very smart and creative way to collect the subscribers
  • lakenlaken subscriber Posts: 0
    Yeah Forex trading really good thing to make money, but you can also use own thing to make money. Just like you can find own customer.
  • EddieDudoitEddieDudoit subscriber Posts: 0
    I'm being mentored by some friends in online affiliate marketing, and i'm just about to make some money! Check out my blog to see my progress: http://www.eddiedudoit.com
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Stock Market
    Holding onto stocks for long periods of time will allow the company to pay you dividends, as you are a shareholder of the company you are eligible to participate in the companies profits. Annuities are a great tool that pays you every month and there are insurances which do it too. 
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