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Will It Soar, or Will It Plummet?

spungeyspungey subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hi all,
After reading some of the good material here, and
talking with a few of you, it crystalized for me this morning.  I care a lot about seeing people start successful businesses and
I`m also really passionate about clean energy.  I`m a pretty good
writer, a trained speaker, have a solid science background and am
unafraid of technology.  OTOH, I have no rel investment capital and no
firm associations in the financial world or energy sector so I can`t
just go build a wind farm (for instance.) Sooo ...
Could I be an instigator of clean energy businesses and projects?   Is
there any kind of market or business model where one provides
knowledge, support, and inspiration to help would-be entrepreneurs over
the barriers to entry?
I can easily picture providing information about what various forms of energy exist, what`s on the horizon, tax incentives, rebates, carbon credits, community involvement; whether fuels, genertion, or conservation make the most sense for a particular startup; and so forth.  -- or I could just write a book (even though that seems a bit static and quickly dated.)
A major problem I see is cash flow, both for me and my clients, if this is gonna fly.  I`m currently farming cubes and could do that for probably five to ten years more, so I have the opportunity to take my cut on the back side instead of up-front.  Do any successful models like this exist, or they tend to go like in Hollywood where there`s never any "net" left?
Please let me know what you think.  Will it fly or fall?  Should I continue to pursue this one or dig deep for something better?  If this seems good, what next? 


  • spungeyspungey subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Winston2,
    Could you please ask your friend to contact me?  (I`ll get you contact info in a message.)  I`ve looked at the ReNu stuff, and it seems interesting.  At one point I considered contacting them, but realized that I don`t know enough about their business model.  I think that if a person, family, or small group forms to generate clean power, they should get the bulk of the ROI.  I`m anxious to talk to someone who has a clue about ReNu`s model and can explain to me the true benefits of leasing equipment.
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