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I have a site for kids - how do I get the word out?

riccarriccar subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2016 in Public Relations

I have built an online wish list builder, geared towards children. It allows parents to register for free, add a wish list and then let the kid can browse a very kid friendly catalog of toys, books, movies and games.
It is meant to allow children to build their own wish lists for upcoming holidays and birthday parties, and be sent out to friends, family and anyone planning on bringing a gift for the child.
I have tried several ways of raising awareness, but no matter what I have done so far, nothing seems to be getting the message in front of my audience.
The site is (I think) extremely beautifully done. Certainly one of my best, with colorful graphics, flash animation, a theme with characters and a story.
I have tried a $300+ press release on PRWeb, posting articles, posting to social bookmarking sites, and even a handful of holiday and parent related forums. I have also printed colorful business and post cards, which I have left in some local places where parents tend to frequent. I have tried so many things, but I cannot seem to manage to get more than 10 people a day on average to actually visit the site. I have even been trying paid advertising, and have barely gotten any clicks.
Some things I am working on now are some SEO, and have recently submitted to some design sites in the hopes that they will feature it just for some exposure, even if it isn`t exactly the audience I am trying to reach.
I have tried contacting parenting blogs to see if they would be interested in

I know my market is out there somewhere, I am just not sure of how to reach them. Somewhere out there, there is a mob of parents who would love to find this website, but so far, they have just been barely trickling in.
The feedback I have received so far is astounding. The people who actually do find it, love it.
Does anyone here have any ideas of where or how I might find an audience for this website?
Thank you!

Here is the link: www.WishCove.comriccar12/9/2008 9:57 PM


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    riccarriccar subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes wtgg, I purposely left the url off in this case. I was hoping to get some feedback based on where people imagined they would see such a site without actually seeing it yet. But here is the link:www.WishCove.com
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    riccarriccar subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello CraigL,
    You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what it is. Yes, Toys R Us has the same thing, with the exception that a 4 or 5 year old would be hard pressed to navigate the catalog on their own unless they know how to read fine print. My 4 year old navigates my catalog with ease and with great pleasure.
    Not sure how I could make it any more easy to use. A brief description is on the front to sum it up. The parents button is in plain view for those who may want more info. The register and login buttons are there for those who want to or have joined, as well as a link to view the catalog, and link to view the "story" for anyone interested in getting to know the site.
    I think the pitch is pretty straight forward the moment they land on the page, and everything they need to go forward is right in front of them.
    Once they log in, the intuitiveness continues, with a big "create wish list" button being the first and most prominent thing they see, as well as a notice for parents to view the parents section for more parent related options (such as sending out the lists).
    I have seen a bit of WOM coming in, but it seems like those who have eagerly posted it in a forum or blog are posting it in places with only a very small collection of eyes. That is, according to my site stats.
    I should mention however, that despite the disheartening number of visitors I have seen, I have had a surprisingly high conversion rate. For those few that do manage to find their way to the site, a fairly significant number of them do register, and even create a wish list.
    So, I can`t imagine it is entirely the fault of the layout. I simply haven`t had any luck finding the audience.
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    JmesJmes subscriber Posts: 4
    I`ve visited your site and it looks excellently aimed for children
    The setting is nice and, although it`s not SEO wise, the flow of the website is comfortable and entertaining (to a kid`s point of view).
    My question is.. have you tried getting the word out not on the web? a child could be very well feel at home in the internet, but his parents might not... you could try local (or not local) newspapers for adds, or posting on bulletin boards where parents meet
    As for creating your own web presence...  there are a lot of sites and services which would allow you to create your own profile and link to your page.  it takes minutes, its really easy, and it usually gets results
    I completely loved your idea and I wish you the best of luck with its progress
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Riccar,
    Congratulations on your new site! It looks like you spent a lot of time and effort on it.
    I agree with the comments above. To get more people to your site, it`s important to pursue the venues kids and their parents look at - online and off.
    In addition to updating your site for SEO, you may want to try to partner with local toy stores, schools, etc. to help build credibility. Parents will be more likely to let their children use your site if they know it`s "o.k." 
    Also, have you tried calling a local reporter and pitching your website directly?
    Your hard work and research will pay off. Hang in there. It`s a great idea!
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    riccarriccar subscriber Posts: 1
    I know that Flash and iframes are not exactly the best things in the world for SEO, but I could not have pulled this site off the way I did without them. Although, I am in the process of building up the SEO, so that part of it is still in the works.
    I have printed business and post cards, which I have placed in various places where parnets tend to go, including recreation centers, and my daughters preschool. Not sure where else I could leave some, but if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!
    I have not tried contacting local reporters directly. I honestly would not know what to say if I did! I have never done anything like that before. I did however post a press release on PRWeb, which was on the homepage of the site, as well as thousands of rss sites linking to it, but I only managed to get 30 unique visitors to my site from that.
    Do you guys have any ideas of some places I could post this? I have tried parenting sites and such, and haven`t had a whole lot of success actually getting views from them. Is "parenting" the market I am looking for though? Or should I perhaps be looking for something else?
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Riccar,
    It can be difficult to talk to reporters directly, but you can get a lot more press this way than simply sending out a press release. They really like to speak to business owners with fresh ideas. 
    You may want to visit the various marketing and PR steps at http://www.startupnation.com/steps/index.htm for additional help on this and some new ideas.
    Just by calling a specific reporter, introducing yourself and giving a brief pitch about your brand new business, you may end up with a feature story in your local paper...especially during the holidays...
    Hope this helps...
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    riccarriccar subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback and the tweet! I will consider looking into making a blog. Although, I don`t really know a whole lot about toys, nor how to review them. I know how to make websites and design. Although, I have been told I am not too bad of a writer, so maybe I could give it a shot.
    Thanks for the tips and the link. I am almost certainly going to look into this option. Unfortunately, it is a bit too late now for the holidays, but the site is good for birthday parties as well.
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    I would suggest you join sites that have parenting, moms,family forums. Be sure to leave some comments that will generate an interest for more and lead them to your site.
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    megasoundmegasound subscriber Posts: 0
    I love the music and characters on your site and know our 5year old would love playing with it--though she would probably just register for everything! I would agree with a few things people have said: 
    * Parenting blogs are key. Find a website geared toward kids that you like and see who they`ve received press from. Start going after those places. Aren`t there also parenting sites/blogs that review things for kids? Maybe they could review your site and people could read about you that way?
    * Instead of a creating blog about toys, what about a blog about websites for kids, since that is what you know?
    * Instead of pitching the site so much, pitch your story. Maybe it`s a cute dad-daughter/son story about how you got the idea. A local news station would love to interview both of you! I was in journalism for many years and was always surprised by how few people called or emailed me to pitch stories. I was always willing to hear what someone had to say if they were bold enough to get in touch. And I can tell you, many times the squeaky wheel gets the grease! If I liked someone and their idea enough, I would find a way to get it in the magazine. Don`t be shy about contacting people directly. Have your pitch down and know what you`re going to say--then do it, fast!
    * Partnering would definitely be key. Whether it`s a smaller toy chain or company, a kids clothing company, a TV station, a kids attraction of some kind? Get creative and brainstorm on this one. You never know!
    ~Lisa Marie
    soon-to-be weddings guru of all things lovely...
    megasound12/16/2008 12:39 PM
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    cushiepushiecushiepushie subscriber Posts: 0
    Mommy blogs would be a great target for you. They can get the word out fast about something like this. Maybe offering a giveaway of some sort.  I know people have mixed results about giveaways but it is two fold, you get the word out and then you get someone who uses it telling others if they are happy with it.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    find out where the parents/moms of the kids you are targeting hang out and advertise within that space.
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    R2D2R2D2 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Riccar,

    I like the previous idea about calling a
    local paper. Here's another idea. There are tons of radio talk shows
    and podcasts about businesses. Nobody makes a more interesting guest
    than a startup entrepreneur. I suggest you find the talk shows who are
    on air and ask to appear on the show. Our show has a toll free number so people from all over the US can call-in.
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    AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    What about your website today? Has it developed?
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    Jerry698Jerry698 subscriber Posts: 0
    children aiming is good,I am also going for that.Recommend some websites.
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    DarissaDarissa subscriber Posts: 23
    With everything written here agrees
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