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Best green businesses to start



  • mcarrierimcarrieri subscriber Posts: 0
    I have a green business that I am starting.  It utilizes personal water bottles, and involves gardening, green education, and recycling.  Please let me know if anyone has an upcoming green event, and are interested in adding this program.  No charge to SUN community members.
    [email protected]
  • guajeroguajero subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m crazy about solar thermal heaters because they are inexpensive to build and work very well. In the northeast you could do a good business making solar heaters out of recycled beer cans.
  • mcarrierimcarrieri subscriber Posts: 0
    I recently saw the aluminum can thermal heaters.  There was another reference I found to heaters using a platform of river rocks under acrylic/glass.  Rocks can hold/store heat for a long time. 
    I would propose utilizing cans (thin metal heats up fast), and rocks for long lasting heat together in some device.  Rocks are heavy, maybe pumice (which can be easily cut to shape/form), or possibly cat litter, or even small rocks.  What about used seashells? 
    Also to cut-down on the "home grown"/redneck syle issues, put a nice sheet of metal over the cans, perhaps with a painted design.  I know the cans thermal heater are better when painted black, there`s no reason not to cover it.  You could even try to match homeowner`s house paint color to camoflage the heater unit. 
    You are on the right track.  If you succeed you will move from the home-grown units to more industrial units, capitalizing on the materials and components experience you`ve gained.  In my area there is a home owner who built a home made carport cover.  I need to refer hime here, and watch him get rich!
  • drm7drm7 subscriber Posts: 1
    I sincerely want to know, is a business that markets itself as "green" and plans to garner business because of being green viable in the long-term?  Is "green" a fad or a long-term trend?  Can a business that markets as "green" and gets business because of it be viable for 5 years? 10 years?  30 years?  How long can "green" be considered a competitive advantage?  I am asking these questions in all sincerity.
  • Jjzzr1313Jjzzr1313 subscriber Posts: 0
    I not sure what is hot to others but I know what I am excited about.
    My business will focus on dealing with the ever increasing e-waste stream by reusing, remarketing and  properly disposing of  electronic trash.
    My business will change the way everyone understands treats,and uses Eco-friendly products now and well into the next millenium.richjazzman!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CPAandMBACPAandMBA subscriber Posts: 0
    A Green business is dedicated to being Green.  Which means managing for the triple-bottom line of people, planet and profits.
    While being Green is all the rage, much of what is being said is greenwashing and mere marketing.  Companies that embrace being Green as a driving force will be transparent, honest and clear about their claims. 
    It means looking at your supply chain and pushing for constant improvements from your suppliers.
    Being Green will attract customers, employees, interest and investments.  The future is Green and every business can embrace the vision.  Doing it to be part of the lastest marketing trend is shortsighted and will end up costing you in the long-run when people find out you lack substance and the competition leaves you sitting in the dust.
    I blog about Green businesses.  Check out my blog at www.GreenCPA.blogspot.com
  • soycandlemansoycandleman subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello everyone, I work from home part time and I am an Independent Distributor for CandleWealth International Inc. It is a home income/business opportunity that gives you the choice of making your own All Natural Soy Candles or sell the company`s branded All Natural Soy Candles or both. CandleWealth also has soy based shampoo & conditioner but its mission is to change the world one natural soy candle at a time. The current market of candles are dominated by parafin candles a by-product of the petroleum industry, 96% of a $3 billion dollar a year industry are paraffin candles.


    the #1 Source Of INDOOR Air Pollution.

    So what is the solution CandleWealth International. CandleWealth`s Exclusive ALL NATURAL WAX CANDLES DO NOT produce the TOXINS, SOOT, CARCINOGENS, etc. directly attributed to the #1 indoor air pollution, the Paraffin Candle!

    Soy  candles are non-toxic, clean burning, longer lasting, better smelling, biodegradable, and they support the AMERICAN FARMER!!!

    For every 50 miles there are $1 million dollars in candle sales, candles are the #1 gift that is given every year. Most people have not even heard of soy candles and more importantly don`t know that the candles they are burning are petroleum based.  So the next time you buy a candle for yourself or for someone you love make sure it is 100% natural soy.

                            "Friends Don`t Let Friends Burn




    Want more info or take a look at our products visit

  • djokaadjokaa subscriber Posts: 6
    I would consider something in the realm of alternative energies. It`s certainly a growing aspect of sustainability, but it`s also one of the only sustainable industries successfully weathering the economic climate. Solar might not have a great ROI today, but it`s expected to be a primary energy source in less than 20 yrshttp://www.themcompanies.com/blog/alter ... rs-falter/
  • mlnorman68mlnorman68 subscriber Posts: 0
    How are you earning a living with Terracycle?  I like the company but can you share your secret.
    Matt Norman

    [email protected]
  • soycandlemansoycandleman subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Rich, this product is in 9 out of 10 homes. It is a 6 billion dollar a year industry, and this product has been around for hundreds of years. Most people are not even aware of the dangers that are involved with this product. And it is the #1 cause for indoor pollution. I`m talking paraffin candles.

    Have you ever wondered what candles are really made of?  Did you know that petroleum and kerosene waste has been the primary material for candles?  The petroleum is bleached and texturized with a chemical called Acrolein, color and scent is added to create a paraffin candle.  Sounds relaxing?  Yep, the fuel residue powered for our vehicles is what you are burning and breathing in your home.   

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently rated indoor air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues accounting for over $1 billion in direct healthcare costs each year. In fact, the EPA, the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Envirodesic Certification Program, all believe that the air in most homes is likely to be ten times more polluted than the air outside!  Only from a few candles. Testing and air chambers analysis by the EPA has found the following compounds in a random group of over 30 paraffin candles tested.  These tests also show that burning paraffin candles can produce a variety of harmful substances in SIGNIFICANT quantities including,                                  


    Acetone, Benzene, Trichlorofluoromethane, Carbon Disulfide, Butanone, Trichloroethane, Carbon Tetrachloride, Carbon Black (soot) Particulate Matter, Styrene, Xylene, Ethyl benzene, Phenol, Cresol, and Lead.
    What is the natural alternative?
    Soy wax is made from natural soybeans grown right here in the USA.  In a 60lb bushel, 49lbs of soy meal and 11lbs of soybean oil are produced.  The soy meal is used for soy milk, tofu, "veggie" burgers and also animal feed.  The 11lbs of soybean oil is made into wax through a partial hydrogenation process.  Therefore the entire soybean is not wasted.  Purchasing soy candles is an excellent way to support American farmers.
    Per ounce the all natural soy candle will burn approximately 9 to 10 hours depending on the location of the candle.  For example, an 8oz candle it will burn approx 70-80 hours, definitely a better value for your dollar. Soy burns cooler, longer, cleaner and has a greater scent throw (scent distance), up to 3 times further than paraffin candles, for the entire burn of the candle.  Since there are no added chemicals, soy candles are non carcinogenic and no black soot residue is emitted.  Hot soapy water is all you`ll need to clean the container and a spill.   
    Soy candles are the next new trend for the candle industry.
    to find out more visit www.candlewealth.com/phillycandle

  • mindenrecyclermindenrecycler subscriber Posts: 0
    I have started a curbside recycling business in my county, Carson Valley Recycling; www.cvrecycling.com.  I feel I have the "GREEN" term down!  I can`t tell you yet how profitable it is as the market in the recyclables has crashed, but everybody pays a "subscription" fee for us to come and pick it up, so that in itself covers the expenses.  We have been in full operation since June of 2008.  It took about 1.5 years to get it started and lot of our own money.  
    If I can survive this recession, I am fine with my costs being covered and my household expenses also.  This business has humbled me as to what is important.  I feel very good about helping the environment my children are growing up in and how I`m leading by example with them.  The reward in not polluting the "land" anymore.  I agree fully with nhgnikole `s reply.  There is a saying, "keep it simple silly", meaning start with one or two things and grow from there when you`re ready and comfortable.  I started with recycling plastic and cardboard, then I added glass, tin/aluminum, and now I`ve added all papers.  Do you know how little garbage I have left?  Starting tomorrow, we will be composting with a worm bin called a "Can of Worms", which a local company here sells,"Full Circle Compost".  I am so excited to do this!  (My family also)  How rewarding!  I might even be able to grow roses for the first time ever!  I would love to be able to use the movie "WALL-E" as my educational movie for others interested in "why recycle?"  That`s why things don`t grow where "landfills" are.  T O X I C ground from everyone`s "trash".  There`s more to success than the $$ figure.  At times when I`m wondering how I`ll pay a bill.....I`m just as full of that "reward" feeling knowing I`m doing something good and green for the environment.  Amber EmeryCEOCarson Valley Recycling[email protected]
  • LifeRevivalUniverseLifeRevivalUniverse subscriber Posts: 76 Silver Level Member

    For those who dream of helping other people to be more conscious about the use of natural resources and are interested in technology, there is another idea - to develop their own application or game that could answer some questions they do not understand. What is energy saving and recycling, what products are organic and what kind of eco-friendly life can be like - this can be interesting for both adults and children.

  • laughslaughs subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    edited January 2023

    This is quite the thread, what with it going all the way back to 2007! I wouldn't have guessed that "start it up" was a common phrase even back then. But it's also worth considering if start ups or start up culture will indeed be part of the climax community we are heading toward. We may already have unwittingly shaped the contours of this community.

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