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Glad to be "green"



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    kjlltdkjlltd subscriber Posts: 1
    I live in the midwest, MN, and have an online business selling natural pest control, insecticides, and cleaning products. Almost all of my sales are from customers on either coast. What is wrong with people in the midwest? Natural pest control is a hard sell here. People just want to stick with what they have been using or they say that the natural stuff doesn`t work. Any ideas on how to handle this? I don`t have access to samples. I have research findings and MSDS sheets. For my Mosquito Barrier products I have about three pages of testimonials and have not sold any of that product.
    My biggest issue is followup calls. I just cannot get myself to do these. I would love to have some help with this if anyone is interested. I sell one product called Orange Guard that is a great insecticide and is available in VERY few places in the midwest. If anyone is interested I would be willing to do an 80/20 split on profits. Of course you would get the 80%.
    Another item I sell is natural mosquito repellent. I own an RV and do a fair amount of traveling. In the past 2-3 years only ONE campground offered a natural alternative to mosquito repellent. I have two beautiful (no bias on my part grandaughters and I would hate to see them using poisons on their bodies. I have done a couple mailings to campgrounds and have talked to owners while staying there with no results. Again an issue with follow up calls.
    I have some of the most popular natural cleaning products on the market. I do sell some of those. I also use them and many of my other products. If they don`t work well I take them off the site.
    If someone would be willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it. My website to see what types of products I offer is www.RepellNet.com. Thanks in advance.
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    AnnettesavAnnettesav subscriber Posts: 0
    There is a product called 4 sure, its awesome, you can contact lreichert@nc.rr.com</A>. It cleans like a regular full strength commercial product, but is virtually non toxic.  Ok, good luck! you wont have a problem cleaning with this product, I assure you.
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    daveb1daveb1 subscriber Posts: 1
    i am interested in green technology and ventures. definitely will hang around on this section more
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    emmaballet20emmaballet20 subscriber Posts: 0
    I can't help you much more regard in this matter of green card!
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    entre86entre86 subscriber Posts: 0
    I hope to one day open my Organic Lawn Care services business. I do appreciate all the free advertising "Green Businesses" recieve.
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