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    Very sound advice. I needed that - thanks!
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    Sometimes an offbeat approach works (to separate your product from others). There was an English movie from the the early 1960`s called "The Boy With Green Hair". It was a social parable about accepting people who are different. Make some kind of humorous reference to your `green` hair product not making people`s hair green. Or not.
    Good luck.
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    I am a non-apologetic environmentalist, aviation/transportation professional, and entrepreneur. 
    And yes, I think all of those things are reconcilable.  I think that they HAVE to be, or we - the human race - are doomed. 
    The answer lies not in changing people`s lifestyles (not gonna happen unless forced), but in changing the products and services USED to MEET people`s lifestyle expectations.
    Look at compact flourescent lightbulbs, for example.  I`ve heard that if each household in the US changed just ONE incandescent bulb to compact flourescent, the US would save enought energy to power all the homes in Delaware and Rhode Island combined.  And because of that, they save money that can be spent on something else to increase your standard of living.
    That`s just ONE benefit example.  You want more?  Think about how much cheaper health care might be if we didn`t have so many people in the emergency room for health problems that we would see less of if the world used fewer toxic products in manufacturing, cleaning, etc. 
    Green can only be good!
    Andrew Hartley</A>
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    I am a Realtor in Florida and has recently received my EcoBroker certification designation, meaning I`d had specialized training in environmental and energy efficient issues. The reason I did this is to be able to impact more people when buying and/or selling homes regarding ways they can help the environment, provide better air quality, increasing their own comfort and having less maintenance on their home, not to mention the amount of money they can save. Usually if the environment is not a motivator, the saving money on utility bills is. Of course they will always be those people who care less, but for the most part, this has turned out to be a very positive thing and people are very receptive to it.
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    Interesting mission, you must be receiving a lot of flack from your colleagues.  My long experience with realtors is they promote massive amounts of development in
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    Actually I don`t get any flack about it from my associates. Some really agree with what I`m doing and others respect me for it whether they agree or not.I`ve gotton people who never gave it a second thought to really start giving this some serious thought. I`m sorry you had so much bad experience with realtors, hopefully not to the point where the ones of us who are sincere in what we do are prejudged. As for my sincerety in this, I consider my time, money and reputation too valuable to waste on something that I`m not passionate about.
    If my clients are not interested in the environment, at least for the most part I can convince them they doing certain things like saving energy, cleaner air quality, etc. will benefit them by saving money and greater comfort level. If saving the environment is not a motivator, then saving money usually is.
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    Thank you for taking the time to look it over before just dismissing the idea. It is a great start in trying to make a difference, and that`s what I`m trying to do is to make a positive difference. has a lot of info on our mission, not sure if that`s where you read about it or not.
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    I guess everyone is getting on the "Green" band wagon including Real-estate Agents. I checked out</A>  it may work for the Agents.
    Last night I attended an event for Global Green USA</A> & Green Building Resource Center in Santa Monica, California. It was very informative in what is available to the public & business. I see an important part of the future for Real-estate Agents, in educating their clients on Environmental Resources for "Sustainable & Green Living". 
    By learning about creating healthier homes & work spaces, they put them selves a step ahead of other agents. I found quite a lot of the products simple to use & or install, affordable, natural, & beautiful. They have list of Architects, Contractors, Developers, & Real-estate Agents, etc. They are giving classes & have a book out "Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing" I bought the book & going to read it.
    Here is another site to check out; Livingreen Store & Gallery,</A> located in Culver City & Santa Barbara, California.
    All the Best,
    AquaBio Lady
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    DeAna, that is a cool site and looked like it was an interesting event.  We need some of the people in Califorinia to help us here in Florida...
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    Jess, that is really interesting.  Since most of the businesses in my area are in real estate, tourism and construction, I am not sure sef-regulation would work.  I will definitely check this out regardless, thanks!  Maybe I can get some of our local government officials interested.
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    Here are some links that might better address the issues for those particular industries:Construction:GreenBuilding.comUS Green Building CouncilEPATourism/Hospitality:Green Restaurant Assoc.Green Hotels Assoc.SustainableTourism.netReal estate I don`t know so well J.
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    In my small business, I use natural fiber (jute) boxes and ribbons for packaging gifts.  Not only they are attractive, but natural and "green".

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    I have a company called Raising the Lights.Org - but I recently realized that you started the company Greenraising . Does this mean that you cant have another green fundraiser as a startup business of the year?  Our company`s main emphasis is educating children on saving energy throughout the fundraiser.
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