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Critiquing Facebook`s new website practice

RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
edited November 2007 in Website Critique
if you haven`t read about it already, Facebook is breaking new ground with their "Beacon" feature that associates purchases with purchases and creates member endorsements alongside ads.
here`s a press release that describes the service: http://www.facebook.com/business/?beacon
what do you think of this? getting on your "privacy" nerves? a good service to consumers trying to make smart purchasing decisions?
i`ll be commenting on this on Fox Business News tonight on Scoreboard if you`re in front of the boob tube...


  • abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    argh!  Facebook should stick to exactly what it started as A DIGITAL YEAR BOOK!  I`m pretty sure they`re biting off quite a bit with this.  I`m already sick of all of the "invitations" to do this or that that I get.  Now I have MORE notifications?  For crying out loud!Plus, I`m not endorsing anything unless I`m gonna get a little sumphin sumphin out of the deal   SHOW ME THE MONEY facebook! ( Just kidding)
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    actually, abrumms, you should get a little sumthin...
    what we`ve been contemplating is a feature here whereby you receive affiliate revenue when someone clicks on "recommended" service providers that you use and endorse. unlike the Facebook system, this would require you to actively add recommended service providers.
  • CoveredBridgeCellarsCoveredBridgeCellars subscriber Posts: 4
    Looks like FB is bagging Beacon:
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    thanks! great find! this is exactly what facebook did a while back with a previously released feature... you`d think they`d feel these new offerings out with a test group instead of pushing things out cold...
  • abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    I`m tired of HAVING to opt out... That`s the problem.  I`m not sure if you`re a Facebook user but it`s become almost as bad as Myspace with all of the junk "notifications" you get.  It almost makes you not want to even visit the site anymore.  Now I`d be interested to see, if they implemented Beacon, what the traffic for the site would look like.... would it falter? increase?  Just interested.Aaron
  • abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    p.s. I don`t want my checkout counter convo to go global.  That takes all the spontaneity out of it.Aaorn
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